Starfield – How to Carry Heavy Items without Impact to Your Stamina

A little guide to carry really heavy items without slow down your gameplay.

Put to The Ground Your Item!

Exactly, like in this picture, if you have your item in your inventory, just release it to the ground with R key.

Time to Carry!

If you have a single item, you can just press and hold E and you can run with your heavy object through the map without drain your stamina like in the picture.

Transport Many Items at the Time!

Use the in game physics! Exactly, as you can see in this image, you can find a tray everywhere, like the market in Atlantis and put over one, two or many objects and doing the same thing without having issue with your stamina!

That’s it.

Hope you can find this little guide useful. Enjoy the game!

Created by Raynys

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