BoneTown – Script to Change Player Speed Using a Keyboard Key

Sample Script Code: Bind a Key to a Function to Change The Player Speed

So you copy this code and put it in a bonetown/game/mods/myfirstscript.cs

//declare our global variable to store the speed, it will increase each time you press  the keys
$myplayerspeed = "3";

// then our function to be called :
function changeplayerspeed()
	%tChar = ServerConnection.GameCharacter; //get the player object from engine
		if(%tChar !$= "" && %tChar !$= "0") //ensure the mission and player object are loaded !!!
			%tChar.modifySpeed($myplayerspeed, 1);  // set to speed to 4 or more ,change the value to test XD

                       $myplayerspeed++;  // this allow to auto increase the value each time the function is called by pressing the keys

// this will call the function when you press CTRL + J  keys ingame
GlobalActionMap.bind(keyboard, "ctrl j", "changeplayerspeed", "Description: change the player speed to 4"); 

Once you load the game and you are in a mission, press CTRL + J keys and it will make you player faster than before, don’t go too far or you will be like “the Flash” hahaha.

Created by Codeman02Fr

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