Terraria – Pre Hardmode Ranger Progression

Pre Hardmode Ranger Progression

  1. The first step is to chop down trees until you have 95 wood in total.
  2. Make a workbench and craft full wooden armor and a wooden bow.
  3. Now find some stone and break it. A few peices are good enough.
  4. Then, chop an extra tree down and craft some arrows. They cost 1 wood and 1 stone.
  5. If in that time, the guide has killed any slimes, pick up their gel and make torches.
  6. Convert some torches into flaming arrows.
  7. Look to the left or right for a natural cave entrance, and then enter it.
  8. Look for an underground house and mine ores for a better bow, also, try max out your health.
  9. If you find an extractinator, you are set.
  10. Once you get back to the surface, you should have enough resources for an anvil and furnace if you didnt find any underground.
  11. Craft a tungsten or silver bow and a better pick if you can.
  12. You should also make more arrows.
  13. If you have any fallen stars, make jester arrows, but if you dont, make flaming.
  14. Make an average runway out of platforms and farm for lens and fallen stars through the night.
  15. Head to the nearest crimsom or corruption.
  16. With some bombs, break one shadow orb or demon heart.
  17. Find an altar and craft a few suspicious looking eyes.
  18. Farm eye of cthulu through the night
  19. When night time comes, farm eye of cthulu.
  20. Make crimtane or demonite bars and craft a tendon or demon bow.
  21. Set up some quick NPC houses and with that gun you got from your world evil, the arms dealer should move in.
  22. Sell the spare bars from the eye and buy a minishark.
  23. Buy lots of bullets and craft jester arrows with the stars.
  24. Go to your desert and go underground to search for desert fossils.
  25. Grab as many as you can because you have to convert them through the extractinator.
  26. Once you have 75 sturdy fossil from the extractinator, make fossil armor.
  27. Head to the evil and make anarena.
  28. Destroy two more orbs or hearts and challenge the brain of cthulu or eater of worlds.
  29. It should be easy and then grab all the loot and return home.
  30. Make a nightmare or deathbringer pickaxe and now go challenge Skeletron.
  31. He should be easy but remember to make more arrows or bullets.
  32. Make an arena by the dungeon and defeat him.
  33. Then farm in the dungeon for bones and from your underground travels, you should have cobweb.
  34. Make a set of necro armor and dig to hell.
  35. If you dont have a shadow key, go back for one.
  36. Now mine some hellstone and look for a hellwing bow.
  37. Create a long runway and prepare it with heart lanterns, then look for a guide voodoo doll.
  38. Throw it into the lava and pellet the wall with hellwing bats.
  39. You have finished pre hardmode!
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