Breeders of the Nephelym – Beginners Guide

This guide gives you a basic breakdown of the game. I really enjoyed the game but had a rough start not knowing where to go and wanted to make a guide to help others get started. I will include list of hybrids, who likes which fluids, cheats, and more.


In this section I want to give you an overview of the game. This is an adult game with nudity and sex, but I would not expect you to be here without knowing that. This game dose have Futanari, that is females with fully functional penises. The game dose have an option to turn off Futanari if that makes you uncomfortable and it will skip and sex scenes with NPC Futanari. The game is still in alpha so expect more to come.

When you start the game you have a detailed character creation. You can make your character any of the three sexes (Male, Female, or Futanari). The male options are limited because the creator of the game dose not like working on “Males”, you will see this fact pop up a few times thew-out this guide. You can save your creation as a preset if you make multiple characters and the game comes with some preset options if you don’t want to put a lot of work into the character creation. Don’t forget to name your character unless you like the name Breeder.

Once you are in the game you are free to explore, just watch out for fall damage. You start in your homestead and there is a town overlooking it. The nephelym in front of you will give you most of the basic information about the world that I am not going to go into. You only have access to one nephelym spawning area to start with and all the other paths are blocked by doors. You will have to explore and meet the other NPCs who will give you request in exchange for their keystones to unlock the doors. Your homestead will be pretty empty and you will need to find the nephelym in the town to build housing for the wild nephelym you catch. The Green nephelym off to the right is a good source of orgasiums at the beginning.

The basic resources of the game are Lust (red bar) and Spirit (blue bar). Almost everything you do in this game will consume lust. You use lust when you have sex with a NPC, to catch wild nephelym, and to harvest fluids from the nephelym that you have caught. If you loss all your lust, you die and will be brought back by the reaper. You can regenerate lust by sleeping or wining surprise sex encounters. Spirit is only used for your spirit form. When you enter your spirit form you use up all your spirit and your lust bar becomes blue. You regenerate half of you spirit bar when you have sex with a NPC and all of your spirit bar when you have sex with the high priestess.

Orgasiums are this worlds main currency. You gain orgasiums by having sex with Fern or selling fluids to the venders in the town. You can use your orgasiums to buy housing for you homestead or to buy fluids from venders.Orgasiums are this worlds main currency. You gain orgasiums by having sex with Fern or selling fluids to the venders in the town. You can use your orgasiums to buy housing for you homestead or to buy fluids from venders.

Favor is this worlds other currency. You gain favor by ascending nephelym that you have caught or bred with Emissary at the temple. The only uses for favor so far is to learn sex positions with Pawsmaati in the Sulty Plateau.

There are many doors in this world that block your path that can only be opened with the keystones that you get. All the stones have a blessed nephelym by them and they will give you a task in exchange for the keystone. There is only one keystone in the game that you can get without a request and I will have a detailed walkthrough for that one in the Mega Slime section.

If you ever loss all your lust in a surprise sex encounter, fall from a high height, or spend to much time in lava you will be brought back by the reaper. The reaper will start at your homestead but you can find inactive alters and commune with the reaper to change its location. This helps make it to where you don’t have to run all the way back if you die and don’t have portals yet. The down side is that the reaper brings you back with no lust or spirit, so if you plan to continue catching wild nephelym make sure you have the right fluids.

I will provide more information on subjects that need more explaining in the other tabs.

Blessed Nephelym

Blessed Nephelym are the NPCs of this world. You can not catch them but almost all of them have a dialog option that leads to sex. Just remember that having sex with them consumes lust but restores spirit. I will give you all their names and locations but their request can change depending on what sex your character is.

Falene – Blessed Elf – Homestead/Headon Township

Falene is the first nephelym that you meet outside your house when you first start. She will give you a basic breakdown of how the world works. After you have sex with her, she will move back to her Alchemy Guild back in Hedon Township.

Fern – Blessed Fern? – Homestead

Fern is a nephelym that is on your land will trade you 150 orgasiums for your fluids. She can help harvest fluids from the nephelym that you have caught. When you feed her enough fluids, she becomes rooted to her spot and blossoms into a flower. When she blossoms, she can no longer help you harvest fluids and will not trade orgasiums. You can have sex with her now and the next time you sleep after having sex with her, she will give birth to a new nephelym.

Blossom – Blessed Fern? – Homestead

Blossom is Fern’s and your offspring. You can not have sex with her because she is your offspring but she can help harvest fluids which can be helpful if you are playing a male character.

Camilla – Blessed Goblin – Hedon Township

Camilla is a fluid vender that will sell/buy semen. You can harvest semen from male or futa nephelym that you catch. You can hold up to 2000ml of semen from each race of nephelym. Make sure you check how much semen of each race that she has because she can only hold up to 2000ml herself and she only has a limited amount of orgasiums each day that resets when you sleep.

Amber-Mae – Blessed Minotaur – Hedon Township

Amber-Mae is a fluid vender that will sell/buy milk. You can harvest milk from female or futa nephelym that you catch. You can hold up to 4000ml of milk from each race of nephelym. Make sure you check how much milk of each race that she has because she can only hold up to 4000ml herself and she only has a limited amount of orgasiums each day that resets when you sleep.

Cassie – Blessed Tabby – Hedon Township

Cassie is a vender that will build housing for orgasiums. Cassie will also repair the mechanism
that will open the dungeon by the temple.

Romy – Blessed Mermaid – Hedon Township

Romy is located up in a pool. She will wash a nephelym that you have caught with the grungy trait for 300 orgasiums.

Emissary – Blessed Malkhim – Hedon Township

Emissary is located in the temple that can ascend nephelym that you have caught and level up your trait level for orgasiums.

Leylanna – Blessed Vulpuss – Hedon Township

Leylanna is the high priestess in the temple and can unlock your spirit form. You must catch a wild nephelym of the same sex as your character.

Mega Slime – Blessed Slime – Hedon Township

Mega Slime is under the temple. She has a key stone that you can take after you have sex with her. Just taking it will make her sad and you will never be able to have sex with her again. At the end of this guild I have added a detailed guide on how to get a pearl and give it to her before taking the keystone.

Kybele – Blessed Centaur – Homestead

Kybele is a nephelym that has a keystone. she will give you a request in exchange for the keystone.

Dragon Matriarch – Blessed Wyvern – Climax Peak

Dragon Matriarch is a nephelym that has a keystone and is sleeping in the road. She will move and let you have the keystone for 3000ml of bovaur milk.

Queen Bee – Blessed Bee – Hivelands

Queen Bee is a nephelym that has a keystone that she will part with if you can restore the flowers in her land. After her request, the door to the Sultry Plateau will be unblocked.

Pawsmaati – Blessed Neko – Sultry Plateau

Pawsmaati will teach you sex positions that you can use in the breeding yard in exchange for favor.

Petra – Blessed Bunny – Sultry Plateau

Petra is a nephelym that has a keystone and will exchange it for a request.

Warden Neela – Blessed Lamias – Lewd Desert

Warden Neela is by the portal in the lewd desert. You can have sex with her and she will activate the portal. After the first portal, she will appear next to every portal and you have to have sex with her to activate the portal.

Monarch – Blessed Butterfly – Pleasure Pastures

Monarch has a keystone that she will give to you for a request. After you fulfill her request, the door to the Hivelands will be unblocked.

Autumn – Blessed Dryad – Pleasure Pastures

Autumn has a keystone entangled in the roots of her tree. She will let you have it when you fulfill her request. You will also go back to her for the queen bee’s request. She will restore the flowers in the Hivelands for 1000ml of dragon semen.

Apopha Fesssi – Blessed Lamias -Amorous Hallows

Apopha Fesssi is stuck in a cave with a keystone behind her and will let you have it when you fulfill her request.

Widow – Blessed Spider – Amorous Hallows

Widow will take your fluids if you fall into her web. There is a keystone stuck in her web and she will give it to you for a request. When you complete her request, the door to the Moaning Crag will be unblocked.

Mirru – Blessed Kraken – Cove of Rapture

Mirru dose not have a keystone. You can only have sex with Mirru.

Yasmine – Blessed Clam – Cove of Rapture

Yasmine will not open her clam until you have sex with Mirru. When she opens her clam, she drops a pearl.

Chieftain Xena – Blessed Orc – Cove of Rapture

Chieftain Xena has a keystone that she will give to you when you fulfill her request.

Wild Nephelym

There are 14 races of nephelym that you can catch. All the races have females and futa, but only 6 of the races have males. The nephelym can be “Hominal” with more human traits or “Exotic” with more monster traits. You can adjust the setting to make them all exotic, have a mix of both, or mostly hominal (all males are exotic). Wild nephelym only want to have sex. They all consent to surprise sex and will try to catch you to have sex. There are two ways to catch wild nephelym. First and easiest is to have sex with them which starts a clicking mini game to resist climaxing before the nephelym and you can only have sex with the opposite sex unless you play as a futa. Second is to feed them milk or rub semen on them that you can harvest from the nephelym that you catch or buy from the venders. You can not catch a wild nephelym if you don’t have the housing to keep them. You need to go into Hedon Township and talk to Cassie to build them for you. Here is the list of all the races and sub-races.

Bovaur – Pleasure Pastures

  • Ayrshire – Female/Futa
  • Bull – Male
  • Minotaur – Female/Futa

Demon – Moaning Crag

  • Cambion – Female/Futa
  • Incubus – Male
  • Succubus – Female/Futa

Dragon – Virgin Breaks

  • Drake – Male
  • Wyvern – Female/Futa

Formurian – Cove of Rapture

  • Shark – Female/Futa

Foxen – Lustwood

  • Sionnach – Male
  • Vulpuss – Female/Futa

Harpy – Amorous Hallows

  • Bat – Female/Futa
  • Kestrel – Female/Futa

Neko – Sultry Plateau

  • Tabby – Female/Futa

Risu – Pleasure Pastures

  • Bunny – Female/Futa

Seraphim – Esoteric Glade

  • Malakhim – Female/Futa

Starfallen – Lewd Desert

  • Carrier – Female/Futa
  • Seeder – Male
  • Spore – Female/Futa

Sylvan – Esoteric Glade

  • Elf – Female/Futa
  • Goblin – Female/Futa
  • Orc – Female/Futa

Thriae – Hivelands

  • Bee – Female/Futa

Titan – Climax Peak

  • Colossus – Female/Futa

Vulwarg – Lustwood

  • Lykos – Female/Futa
  • Wulf – Male

Breeding / Hybrids

Breeding is easily the most interesting part of this game. Breeding the nephelym will result in an offspring with features and traits mixed form the parents. The results can be fun as you try to breed a super nephelym. After you catch at least one male/futa and one female/futa then you can have them breed at the breeding yard. It is very simple, just select a giver and a receiver. The game dose not allow incest, so watch the parentage of the nephelym you select. There is also a inbred trait that an offspring can get if you keep breeding the offspring in ways to get around incest. You can chose to watch the sex or skip to the results. This is where you use the sex positions that you buy form Pawsmaati. The positions have no effect on the results but give you different positions to watch. When you breed two nephelym of the same or different race, it will take 5 days for the offspring to be summoned. You can run around playing the game and/or just sleep at your house for 5 days. If you used two nephelym of the same race, it will be that race. If you use two nephelym of different races, there is a 50/50 chance on what race it will be. There are also 18 Hybrids that can be made with the right race mix, with a 40% chance of it being the hybrid. When it comes to hybrids, I have found that the sub-race can have an impact on if you get the hybrid.

Click to enlarge…

Griffin=Neko+*Harpy – Kestrel
Kujata=Titan+*Bovaur – Minotaur
Kusarikku=Bovaur+*Demon – Cambion
Lamassu=Seraphim+*Bovaur – Ayrshire
Surabhi=Dragon+*Bovaur – Minotaur

Tasks and Special Requests

This board gives you daily breeding tasks and is where you find the special requests that the NPCs give you as you interact with them. The daily task is a good source of orgasiums. You will have a hard time fulfilling them at the start because the daily task will ask you for races that you don’t even have at the start of the game. After you finish the story and have everything unlocked, this board will give you a reason to keep playing, if just breeding is not enough for you. When you ask a NPC for their keystone or a NPC gives you another task, it pops up in the special request section. Its the same as the daily task for the breeding request, but if a NPC ask for milk or semen it will pop up there as well and you will have to turn it in at the board.


The easiest way to catch a nephelym is to just have sex with it, but there is another option using fluids that you can buy from venders or harvest from the nephelym that you have caught. I have tested all the options and each sub-race has one preference.


  • Ayrshire – Vulwarg Milk
  • Bull – Dragon Milk
  • Minotaur – Vulwarg Milk


  • Cambion – Seraphim Semen
  • Incubus – Seraphim Milk
  • Succubus – Seraphim Semen


  • Drake – Titan Milk
  • Wyvern – Harpy Semen


  • Shark – Dragon Semen


  • Sionnach – Bovaur Milk
  • Vulpuss – Vulwarg Semen


  • Bat – Dragon Milk
  • Kestrel – Foxen Semen


  • Tabby – Bovaur Milk


  • Bunny – Thriae Semen


  • Malakhim – Deamon Semen


  • Carrier – Starfallen Milk
  • Seeder – Starfallen Milk
  • Spore – Starfallen Milk


  • Elf – Seraphim Semen
  • Goblin – Titan Semen
  • Orc – Vulwarg Semen
  • Slime – Hybrid Semen


  • Bee – Foxen Semen


  • Colossus – Bovaur Milk


  • Lykos – Titan Semen
  • Wulf – Foxen Milk


Breeders of the Nephelym has a portal system, called “♥♥♥♥♥ Portals”, to help get you to the Homestead, Hedon Township, and the different locations with “Avatars of the Goddess”. You do not unlock the portals until you get to the Lewd Desert and talk to Warden Neela (Green Lamias) and ask her to traverse the portals. The portal destinations are added to your list in the order you visit them, so it is recommended that after you unlock the portal in the Lewd Desert that you go back to the Homestead and Hedon Township to unlock their destinations first as they are the most used.

Cheat Codes

This game has cheat codes and I don’t recommend using them, at least not on your first playthrough. If you are just here for the sex then these will help you skip the rest of the game. The only one I used on my first playthrough of the game was the “go home” cheat, but that is because you don’t unlock the portals until late game and there is a lot of walking. I would say there are three types of cheat codes. First, temporary boots that will be removed when you quit the game or use the “remove cheats” code. Second, permanent cheats that you can not undo. Third, “go home” the teleport cheat code. To use the codes press “esc”, click on settings, at the bottom there is a tab called “Cheats”, and enter the codes in all lowercase as seen.

  • “go home” – Teleports you back to the homestead. Teleport
  • “win surprise sex” – Makes it to where you don’t have to click during “surprise sex”. Temporary
  • “infinite lust” – Makes it to where your lust and the lust of your captured nephelym will not decrease. If you use it while you have zero lust, just sleep to reset it. Temporary
  • “infinite spirit” – Makes it to where you don’t lose spirit. Temporary
  • “enable spirit form” – Enables your spirit form. You will still need to catch nephelym of the same sex as your character and go to the high priestess to change your form. Permanent
  • “add money” – Adds 1,000,000 orgasiums. Permanent
  • “add favor” – Adds 1,000 favors. Permanent
  • “max all fluids” – Max out all the fluids that you can harvest. Permanent
  • “all barns” – Build all the barns at your homestead. Permanent
  • “max trait level” – Max out your trait level. Permanent
  • “imma lazy sack” – Opens all the doors and unlocks the portals. This one skips all of the progress of the game and you can freely run around and collect nephelym. Permanent
  • “remove cheats” – Turns off all non-permanent cheats

Mega Slime

Under the temple there is Mega Slime (Large Green Slime) who has a keystone you will need. If you just have sex with her two times, you can just take it while she sleeps. Doing this will make her sad and you will not be able to have sex with her again if you wanted. She has no further part in the story, so if you don’t care you can take this easy route.

There is a way to keep her happy so that you can interact with her later, though it is a lot more work.

  • Find Cassie (Pink Neko Futa), the Ranch builder, in Hedon Township and have sex with Cassie to get the dialogue options about the dungeon by the temple. This would be a good time to buy the “Foxen House” and “Vulwarg Kennel”
  • Cassie will repair the mechanism and you have to climb the stars next to the milk vender to get the bridge with the lever across from the baths.
  • You can go through the door to the left of the temple and follow the narrow tunnels to Mega Slime. You can interact with her but do not take the keystone. To leave, just follow the path away from Mega Slime and it will lead you to the Lustwoods.
  • After the mechanism is repaired, you need to go talk to Kybele (Centaur Futa) behind the house you start in. Have sex with Kybele useing the “By any means necessary…” dialogue option then talk to Kybele again to ask about the keystone and Kybele will give you a “Special Request”.
  • When you obtain the key stone DO NOT use it on the door behind Kybele. You want to go back down the road and take a right pass the door with the honeycomb. Use the keystone on the door to the Pleasure Pastures. Walk down until you reach the pasture and take a left. There you will find Monarch (Butterfly Female), who has a keystone to her left. Have sex with her then talk to her again to ask about the keystone and she will give you a “Special Request”.
  • Go Back to the road and follow it into the pasture until you reach a tree with orange leaves with Autumn (Dryad Female), who has a keystone in the roots of her tree. Have sex with Autumn then talk to her again to ask about the keystone and she will give you a “Special Request”. Around this time you will want to go back to Cassie to get the Thriae Hive.
  • You will complete Monarch’s “Special Request” first. When you get the keystone, go back to the door that was blocked by the honeycomb and use the keystone. You can catch some Thriae while you are here for Autumn’s request. Vulwargs have a higher chance of spawning/breeding with hornball. Breeding Vulwargs that have hornball with Thriae is the easiest way to complete Autumn’s request.
  • When you finish Autumn’s request you go back on the path towards the Homestead but take the first left on the path. Open the door to the Cove of Rapture. Follow the path and take the first left towards the beach. On the beach you will see Mirru (Blue Kraken). You need to talk to her and have sex with her. She will not give you any request but you need to have sex with her for the next step.
  • Now you need to find Yasmine (Pink Clam) in the sea. The quickest path to her is to run to the pier and jump off the end and continue in the same direction. Swim down as you go until you get to the pillar and turn left. Yasmine should be on the side of the ravine at the bottom. There should be a pearl around her that you can pick up. If you swim down here without having sex with Mirru, the clam will still be closed with the peal inside.
  • Now that you have the pearl, you can go back to Mega Slime and give her the pearl and take the keystone. If she is still sleeping from the last time you had sex with her just wait for her to wake up.
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