Breeders of the Nephelym – How to Catch Nephelym

Tips to Catch Nephelym

General Tips

  • There is no device or traps used to catch Nephelym. Catching them is usually done by having sex with them. There is also the option to use fluids like milk or semen that is either purchased from NPCs or harvested from Nephelym “livestock”.
  • To tell you too much will be a spoiler of things that are more fun to learn on your own by exploring the world. I will only give you a few basic tips that will prevent you from making some basic mistakes that would complicate the early stages of the game.
  • It’s useful to know early on that this game is female and futa dominated. Playing as a futa character is easiest because it allows the most options. Many breeds of Nephelym have no males. Futas are basically hermaphrodites. If one wishes to play as a futa character then one has to choose that option in the character creation menu.
  • In the regular options menu one can choose only futa. The menu also has a option that changes the few males in the game into futas. These 2 futa options can be switched on and off as needed after the game is in progress. These options are very useful in the early stages of the game especially if one plays as a female character.
  • Interacting with every NPC you meet will lead to useful knowledge of the world and will improve the entertaining experience of playing the game.
  • Wait to catch any wild Nephelym you might encounter until you have housing/lodging for them.

Useful Tips

  • The game uses a type of currency called Orgasium, it is used to buy barns for your farm. Those are sold by Cassie. She can be found in the town. Explore the town and interact with every NPC you meet. Cassie is the pinkish looking Neko (anime word for kitty girl). Buy the Foxen and Vulwarg barns. Foxen are fox girls and Vulwarg are wolf girls.
  • Now you are ready to catch the wild Nephelym that you might already have encountered.
  • Earn more Orgasium by selling fox and wolf milk to Amber, sell semen to Camilla. Both of these NPCs can be found in the town. Milk and semen can be harvested from the fox and wolf girls / futa. that are housed in the barns. Once you can afford the next barns of interest are Risu (bunny girls), Thriae (bee girls), Bovaur (cow girls), and Wyvern (dragon girls). Orgasium can also be earned by pleasing Fern, she is the flower girl NPC found close to your farmhouse.

Now you are ready to start doing the quests.

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