Broken Hearts Island – 100% Full Achievement Walkthrough Guide

100% achievement guide for Broken Hearts Island.

Achievement Walkthrough Guide


There is no option to skip unseen text like most visual novels, but you can use an auto-clicker to speed through it faster if you wish. With an auto-clicker it will take a couple minutes to get all the achievements. Without one will be around 8-10 minutes (Note: You can still skip text you have seen already with the left CTRL key).


First things first, before starting a new game.

Go into Options and turn Nude Mode to On. This is for an achievement to play the whole game with it enabled.

Also another note, even though it’s shown in the guide walkthrough, I just want to mention it here again. If you see the options for More… throught the game, make sure to ask everything above it first.

Start a New Game

  • Turn on Blood and meat.
  • No, I want to know what’s in the prologue


  • Ask her if she remembers the way.
  • Ask what’s wrong
  • Ask Daisy how she forgot about that horrible place
  • Ask every question here before clicking more…
  • More…
  • Ask Every question here again before clicking More…
  • More…
  • Ask every question again before clicking the last one.
  • We Ended the conversation.


  • You’re so beautiful, Daisy. Come here.


  • Ask Rosa about Daisy’s memory
  • Is this book edible? Let’s have it for breakfast


  • (Rewind to the last choices with the mouse wheel)
  • You need to remember everything! Not only our fate is at stake, but the fate of all mankind!


  • Peep at Daisy
  • Ask every question here before continuing.
  • More….


  • Tell the truth
  • Tell the truth
  • Tell the truth
  • Confess your love.


  • Punish me!

Summoner, Disembodied, My Darling Flower


  • Daisy, did you call for me?
  • No, you keep it. I’m fine with that.



  • Daisy, did you call for me?
  • Yes, I’ll take my heart back and fight for you.



  • Punish Daisy!
  • Scream so Salvia will leave Daisy alone!



  • Punish Daisy!
  • Keep quiet and watch


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