Cold Verdict 2 – Achievement Walkthrough Guide

A walkthrough for all achievements.

Achievement Walkthrough


2 playthroughs are necessary.

The 4 achievements, that aren’t mentioned in this guide, are awarded throughout the game regardless of your choices.


Playthrough 1

  • “Ok, I’ll try.”
  • “It’s possible, but let’s not give up.”
  • Ask all questions and then choose “(Finish asking questions)”
  • “We should figure out how we’re connected.”
  • “We should not play his sick games.”
  • “We better stand back”
  • “Julia, please save yourself and warn the others.”
  • “He had something personal against my father.”
  • “Do you suspect you did something wrong?”
  • “Where is your proof regarding these accusations?”
  • “Please, Isaac, don’t press anything else.”
  • “Help Julia first.”
  • “Help Isaac now!”
  • “Don’t Shoot him.”

For these choices, you get the “A Perfect Friend”, “Confession”, “Rock to Lean On” and “Shoulder to Cry On” achievements.

Playthrough 2

  • “Screw that!”
  • “Stop being so pessimistic, Julia!”
  • Ask all questions and then choose “(Finish asking questions)”
  • “We should hurry to find a way out of here.”
  • “We should do as he wants us to do.”
  • “Be careful, please.”
  • “Julia, please don’t let him hurt me.”
  • “He is a psychopath.”
  • “Did you do something illegal?”
  • “You are the real murderer.”
  • “Isaac, you bastard! Look what happened!”
  • “Help Isaac first.”
  • “Help Julia now!.”
  • “Shoot him!”

For these choices, you get the “Everything Lost” and “Punishment” achievements.

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