Starfield – Quick Survey How-To Guide

Want to know how to survey things? Confused by chance? I got you. This is a quick, high-level 411 guide on how to survey planets and make dosh.

Quick Guide to Survey

Quick How-To (Flora, Fauna, Minerals)

First, go to a planet on the Star Map and make sure to ‘scan’ the planet. It’ll give you a large percentage of your survey value. Awesome, great start.

Second, land on the planet. Anywhere. But take note of the biome you are landing in. Planets have different biomes scattered throughout and sometimes you may encounter that various Flora and Fauna may be gated based on your current biome.

Now, go to the surface and begin running around in scanner mode and scan everything in sight. Items that need to be scanned still are highlighted in BLUE.

Each scan will accumulate a total percentage on the flora or fauna that you scanned. It will take several independent scans of each to reach 100% scan completion for that given flora or fauna.

Note, minerals will only require ONE scan to be completed. Minerals are very easy to finish.

Once you finish scanning all flora or fauna in a given biome you will be notified on the left in scanner mode of ‘BIOME COMPLETE’. If you still have pending flora or fauna to scan for 100% planet completion, then you need to leave and review the biomes. On the planet overview in the map you will see the biome as ‘100%’ (or whatever it is currently at for completion) for that biome.

Note, the ocean can count as a biome needing completion. However, you can’t land in the ocean. It’s a spaceship; not a boat. Land on the COAST and proceed to run along the coastline to scan fish or other objects.

Quick How-To (Traits)

When doing your scanning you’ll notice three uncolored circles beneath the survey details of the top three items. These are planet traits.

Some planets have no traits; others one, or more – so forth.

When landing and scanning, scan points of interest for various spots named ‘Hazard’, or some other item that is NOT ‘Structure’ or ‘Ship’ – Caves also do not count.

Run to these locations and at their location you will see additional scan markers for that item which will ‘unlock’ that planetary trait.

Planetary traits are simply land marks they want you to travel to that provide additional XP and are required for 100% survey completion.

Note, some trait locations have been weirdly bugged on occasion.

Quick How-To (Now What?)

Grats! You finished your 100% planetary survey after running around for an hour or so, or maybe only for five minutes if it was only minerals on a moon or something…

Next is to go sell your survey data.

The best individual to sell your survey data is to The Eye – Vladimir – who will purchase your survey data for good, sweet, lovely credits.

Remember, surveying planets is a great way to level up and make some solid, easy credits. 6,000 credits for an hour of running around and looting the world is nothing to sneeze at!

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