Capsule – Ultra Instinct Super Speedrun Achievement Guide

If you go to the Safe there is a thin slit you can see the contents through from underneath. The goal is to get a flare cartridge out of the safe without having to unlock it.

How to Obtain Ultra Instinct Super Speedrun Achievement

How-To (Step-by-Step)

  • Step 1. Grab the flare gun off of the shelf right away when you start.
  • Step 2. Walk to the safe and kneel down or sit, find the angle to see through.
  • Step 3. Grab a flare cartridge and now move ur hands like crazy back and forth until it magically comes through.
  • Step 4. Insert the flare cartridge into the flare gun.
  • Step 5. Just teleport out.. Don’t worry about the doors or anything, just use teleprot and go forward through the blackness, and it will let you outside …
  • Step 6. Stand in the circle and fire the gun.
Created by Justyn

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