Undertale – How to Get Lots of Gold

Easy way to get a lot of money for Temmie armor (or anything else you want to buy).

Guide to Get Lots of Gold

Starting Step

  • The First step is to get “Dog Residue” (its found in the room with the piano).

Second Step

  • Go to Temmie Village.

Third Step

  • Unload everything you have (except the Dog Residue) into the chest next to the save star.

Fourth Step

  • Use the Dog Residue (doing this fills your inventory with Dog Residue and the occasional Dog Salad).
  • Make sure to put 1 of the Dog Residue in the chest for later.

Fifth Step

  • Go to the shop and select Sell.
  • Select the item with the most money you’ll get for selling.
  • Important: If you do not get dialog saying how Temmie really wants the Dog Residue/Dog Salad do not sell. sell one of the cheaper Dog Residue then try again.
  • If you do get dialog saying how Temmie really wants the Dog Residue/Dog Salad.
  • Decline the first offer (1 additional gold onto the normal sell price isn’t really a good sell).
  • Accept the last offer (Doubling the amount of gold from the normal sell price is a good deal).

Visual Guide (Encase You’re Confused)

Be advised. Either you’ll get 1-2 Dialog’s per inventory of Dog Residue or you won’t get any Dialog at all.

Dog Residue normally Sells from 1-4 Gold. Dog Salad is a guaranteed 8 Gold for a normal sale.

Final Step

  • Go Back to your chest and get the Dog Residue you put in the chest from Step 4.
  • Repeat the process from Step 4.
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