Cards & Tankards – Basic Guide

In the upcoming guide, I will demonstrate how to play, the nature of the game, and what to anticipate after completing the tutorial for all new players. So fasten your seatbelt, take a tankard, and let’s go!

Guide to Basics

What is Cards & Tankards (C/T)?

Cards & Tankards is a card game with various factions, cards, abilities, and mechanics, offering players strategic gameplay experiences to utilize against each other in either a social based setting or a competitive environment. The best way to describe it is a mix of the strategic aspect of Magic The Gathering with the physical card manifestation of YuGiOh when they use monster holograms.

Where Do I Start?

That is an easy question to answer. Just start the game! When starting up you will be outside the tavern. You will be greeted by Maeve (the tavern keeper). She will instruct you about the rules that you must follow. Two key items are presented at this time. You have to input your age (you have to be 13 or older to play) and you have to sign up with an email.

Due to certain laws regarding to people who are under 13, nobody under that age is allowed to play the game. As for the email, they need it so you can keep your progress if you get a new computer or if you want to play with the same account on your VR device. Doing both of these will then transport you into your private room.

Once in the private room Maeve will guide you through the tutorial. It’s quite easy to follow and simple to understand. For simplicity sake I will break up the instructions that she gives all through out this guide and elaborate on some of the points she tells you through out this guide. If you wish to try out the tutorial before going into this guide some more I’ll end this section here and you can join back with the next section when you are done.

Menu Guide

If you came straight from the previous section thanks for staying with me. If you left to complete the tutorial and came back, then welcome back!

If you take a look above you will see the MENU that comes up when pressing the ESC button. This MENU has a verity of different uses and will be the staple of how you use the game. Going from left to right you will see multiple buttons that read as follow: Havens, Social, Props, Looking For Battle, Shop, Decks, Settings, Exit. We will be going into detail on what each of the buttons do besides the Exit button. I think that one is self explanatory. We can start with the Havens button.

Clicking on the Havens button will bring you to the menu you see above. There are two types of Havens. Standard and Draft. Standard is you run of the mill social tavern where you can hang out and play regular card games with others. Draft however is a special type of tavern where you create a deck specially crafted buy choosing three cards that show up. You can only play these decks in either a Draft tavern or a private tavern.

Besides the type of taverns there are, you also have taverns that certain players can’t join. There are two taverns above that have a purple diamond next to them while others don’t. Curious, right? Taverns are also sorted by player reputation. There is three types of reputations. Cordial, Exalted, and Neutral. Every player has a reputation and it can be seen below your username in your MENU.

Your reputation affects which taverns you can join. I can join Neutral, and Cordial taverns but not Exalted ones. Each diamond show what type of tavern you can join. Simply: No Diamond=Neutral; Purple Diamond=Cordial; Yellow Diamond=Exalted. Please keep this in mind if you can’t figure out why you can’t join a friend in a tavern.

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