Dragon’s Dogma 2 – How to Get Preserved Medusa Head

Preserved Medusa Head

Basically you have to inflict lightning’s debilitation to cut it off. Fast method is to just use Bolts from the Blue and slash her head. Alternatively you can summon a pawn that knows Lightning Boon, spam “help” to get it cast on you regularly, and use a weak weapon that has some slash power.

If you’re still too strong to debilitate before killing her, use Ring of Derision and/or the augment that makes debilitations easier to inflict.

Other possibilities may include any of the immobilizing debilitations + slash damage since a couple people stated that ice also works in place of lightning. I have not personally confirmed.

Methods Short Video:

Bolts from the Blue Location Short:

Medusa do not respawn?

Medusa respawns longer than 7 days in the game (apparently decapitating her also affects the time she takes to appear again).

Also, Raids on your camp interrupt the rest. Usually pretty much immediately. So, if you rested, and got raided, your party probably only slept for a few hours max, instead of a day.

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