Outpost: Infinity Siege – Blueprint Locations

Blueprint Locations

You can snag blueprints for cool weapons and gear at set spots on the map. While these spots don’t change, the BPs you find might. Players have noticed some BPs popping up in these spots across different maps. It’s all about the community sharing what they’ve found, so keep an eye out for updates on where these BPs are hiding.

Not all gear needs BPs to unlock, though. Some of it you’ll just get by moving through the story. But remember, each time you play, the map’s layout might switch up on you.

There’s this special case with Outpost paint BPs – still a bit of a mystery, but stay tuned for updates. And yeah, we’ve got a list of BP spawns that players have confirmed. If you see a ** next to one, it means it’s a rarer find.

Border Woodland

School – Major Node

  • Part I
  • Part II
    • Both BPs found in the underground area below the elevator shaft.

Snow Ruins

Frozen Highlands – Minor Node

  • Cryo turret – left of the Outpost spawn, down the path and beside a broken fountain.

Lakeside Town – Minor Node

  • Pyro turret – right of the Outpost spawn, down the road in the bed of a yellow truck.
  • Knight blueprint – right of the Outpost spawn, down the road in the cabin of a different yellow truck.

Prototype Factory, Greg Industry – Major Node

  • Pre-war artillery – on the ground floor near the rusted cataphract (robot).
  • Mine Launcher – On the very top floor on a white container.
  • Twin Barrel 30mm cannon blueprints** – found in the back corner of TV room.

Xenium Labs – Major Node

  • Twin barrel 30mm cannon blueprints – in the Lab in the keycard locked area on top of lab equipment.
  • Blueprint II: Part 3 – also in the Lab in the keycard locked area in the back corner of the room you enter through the observation window.

Hospital – Major Node

  • Part I
  • Part II
    • One BP in the long corridor with Nebulas inside, the other in the room adjacent to the key-card locked room.

City Ruins

Town Outskirts, ‘minimal buildings variation’ – Minor Node

  • 406mm BB cannon blueprint – on the broken metal tower left of the Outpost spawn.

Town Outskirts, ‘inner city variation’ – Minor Node

  • Vanguard Cataphract blueprint – left of the Outpost spawn, inside one of the sea containers.

Old Barracks – Major Node

  • Nuke Silo Blueprint – in the underground bunker, in the far back room under table with twin turret barrel on top.
  • Turret Overrider Blueprint – on top of the large square building with ducting on the outside.
  • Hellfire Blueprint – also in the underground bunker, in the first room with multiple doors on small white container stack.

Office Building – Major Node

  • Missile Silo Blueprint – inside the main office building, on top of paper stack in room with paper boxes on the first floor.
  • 105mm artillery blueprint – inside the main office building lobby directly to right of the entrance on a pile of rubble.

Forgotten City – Minor Node

  • Twin 105mm artillery BPs – directly right of the Outpost spawn, in forklift cabin.

Military Base (Envoy) – Major Node

  • Blueprint II Part 3 & 4 – straight ahead from spawn, one is on the left bridge approaching the Envoy base and one is in front of monument inside the base.

Includes Adv Autoloader, Miniature Outpost Decipher, Advanced Guardian Fab, Upgraded Material storage, enables Turret Overrider research

EUA Base

These are all paint blueprints.


  • Next to some consoles

Defense Division

  • Behind the wall facing the glass

Logistics Division

  • On one of the light
  • Behind a white fork lift in the corner

Medical Center

  • Straight past the reception desk in the operating room under the bed

Base Warehouse

  • On a rubbish bin

Trade Port

  • On yoshida’s container top right corner


  • Come out the hallway and take a left its at the end of the path

Research Center

  • On the Xen reforger


  • Take a left out the elevator head up the stairs and go all the ways down its at the door of the last room
  • Past sophia on the shelf to the left of her

Intelligence Center

  • After coming out the hallway take a right its between the servers

Starting Tips

  • Only go to a new area when you can max the time on your current area so for example go to woods 1, max the timer, if that seems easy go to woods 2 etc.
  • Before going to a new area try that new area with a local operater without or with minimal gear (so you don’t lose you best gear set) en try.
  • Dont try to max time on that new area right away, see what you can expect of that new area.
  • If that new area seems to difficult farm the previous area a bit more for more turrets and more core output (more core output means more turret damge)
  • And try not to select any risk events on that new area, they make the enemies stronger most of the time.

XEN Keywords

  • Focus – Fires a corporeal (energy) beam which will hit up to 20m away.
  • Corporeal – Cannot be augmented by barrel attachments I.E Double/Triple tap (from what I’ve seen thus far).
  • Pure- Does not deal weakness dmg.
  • Light Strike – Deals additional low-strength damage.
  • Piercing- Deals damage equal to 1% of enemy’s Max HP.
  • Elemental Reaction – Morph Xen (Gun-skill) has different effects when coupled with different elemental XEN.

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