Cattails: Wildwood Story – New Cat Umber (Spoilers)

Some basic information on the new Cat, Umbra. Not including too much information as to avoid too many spoilers.


Umbra can be recruited the same way every other cat can be recruited. The requirements are quite steep for this cat, though. 

Umbra is only obtainable after completing the main story!

60 Voidmarrow

Voidmarrow is dropped from Voidlings, and can be quite difficult to obtain a lot of. Do your best!

9 Bats

Bats are a common enemy in the mines, so this item should be relatively easy to obtain.

6 Queen of the Nights

These are difficult to find because they only spawn at night. Luckily, after you find one, you can make seeds and grow the rest in your garden!

3 Unidentified Curios

Since only 3 are required, this is probably the easiest of all the objectives. They can be found in these locations:

  • The Staunch Stones
  • The Old Farm
  • Strange Tarn
  • Scorched Desert
  • Mountain Lake
  • Crater
  • The Mines

3 Rats

Similar to bats, Rats are usually found in the mines, although probably a bit deeper in.

Gift Guide


Barbel, Black Firefly, Blackberries [Fair], Blackberries [Good], Bluejay, Cardinal, Coprinus, Ermine Moth, Gift Box, Green Firefly, Morel, Pike, Rosy Moth, Snake Lily [Fair], Snake Lily [Good], Snake Lily [Poor], Starling, Toad, Trout, Turtle, Tussock Moth


Abyssal ore, Alexandrite, Amber, Bee, Blackberries [Poor], Blueberries [Good], Conch, Diamond, Dynamite, Farsighted Orb, Gloomshard, Honeycomb, Malachite, Pitlode, Queen of the Night, Raspberries [Good], Ruby, Shimmercrag, Sphinx Moth, Unidentified Curio, White Firefly, Whorl, Yellow Firefly


Adder, Bat, Crab, Granite, Plant Food, Rock Debris, Shale, Snake, Stoat, Weasel


Bright Insignia, Marigold [Fair], Marigold [Good], Marigold [Poor], Painted Butterfly, Tropical Butterfly, Voidmarrow

Possible Gifts

Amethyst, Bat, Crow, Frog, Gold ore, Lavender [Poor], Morel, Rat, Ruby, Shrew, Snake Lily [Good], Sparrow, Yellow Firefly

Task Board Quests

Umbra is part of two task board quests.

  • Gather 1 Starling (+5 Tokens)
  • Gather 3 Pitlode (+3 Tokens)

Buddy Traits

  • Passive Trait: Lucky
  • Active Trait: Fierce


Winter, Day 2


Umbra can be dated and married just like every other cat.

It does not have an increased friendship difficulty modifier like some other cats do.

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