Terraria – Complete Guide for Beginners

01: Your First Minutes in the Game

When you start the game, you will find a pretty beautiful menu. You will see several inscriptions in the middle, click on the inscription “Singleplayer” (Single player). First of all, click on the “Create a character” button and create it.

When creating a character, you can choose the gender, the hairstyle itself, eye color, clothing and other parameters, as well as its complexity. If you don’t want to manually create a character, then there are ready-made options. Select them.

In total, there are four difficulties in the game:

  • Low (Easycore) – A character with this mode loses only coins at death.
  • Medium (Mediumcore) – The character loses all items at death.
  • Difficult (Hardcore) – The character dies forever.
  • Adventure (Journey) – Is a completely new mode added in 1.4. It is a “god mode” where you can duplicate items, change the weather and time, and other game parameters. Journey characters can only enter the world with the same mode.

After you have created a character, you need to generate a world. All I need from you is to come

02: You Don’t Start the Game Empty-Handed!

In the inventory on the hotbar (in the upper left corner) you will find a copper pickaxe, a copper dagger and a copper axe. Sometimes these items have modifications, both negative and positive.

By rotating the mouse wheel, you can switch between hotbar slots. Also, to switch, you can use the keys 1-9 or click on the desired item.

There are many other hotkeys in the game, for example:

  • H (English) – Allows you to quickly use the best health potion in your inventory.

More information about hotkeys can be found in the settings of the game itself.

Types of items outstanding at the beginning of the game:

  • Carrot is an item that allows you to summon a rabbit, the first pet. It will be the same color as your shirt (only in the collector’s edition).
  • The copper dagger is your first weapon, you can use it to kill mobs (do not throw it away, the dagger is used for crafting Zenith).
  • Copper pickaxe – used to remove and mine pre-hard blocks of almost all types, ranging from earth to gold/platinum ore. The better the pickaxe, the faster and more types of materials it can get. Since version 1.2, furniture and other items can be mined with a pickaxe. It is also worth noting that the pickaxe does not cut down trees that were generated initially (for the extraction of trees generated in the world, you need an axe or a universal tool that includes the functions of an axe), the pickaxe cuts down only blocks of wood, but not trees. Also in the game there is a type of tools similar to picks – drills.
  • Copper axe – gives you the opportunity to chop down trees, as well as tall mushrooms and cacti — analogues of trees in different biomes.

Terraria Small Tree

First of all, cut down the tree. In order to do this, go to the tree, select an axe as a tool and press the left mouse button to hit the very bottom of the tree. The blocks obtained in this way can be placed with the left mouse button. The higher the tree.

Also in the game there is a Smart cursor (smart cursor), which itself hovers over the blocks and interacts with them depending on their type (for example, puts / breaks blocks, opens chests, etc.), when pressing the LMB / PCM. Activate/You can disable it by clicking on “LeftControl”.

During the gameplay, you can be attacked by slugs. To get rid of enemies, turn to them and press the left mouse button while holding any of the tools in your hand (usually weapons are used for this purpose, since tools cause much less damage). After killing the slug, the gel will fall out of it. It is used to make torches and potions, which will soon become necessary items.

Some weapons have an auto-attack. Auto—attack is the ability to apply continuous blows with one left mouse button, which will end only when you tear your finger off the paintwork (the attack can also end if you use a magic weapon and you have run out of mana). It is more difficult to use a weapon without an auto—attack – to strike, you need to click your finger on the paintwork, and you have to do this every time you want to strike.

When you stock up on enough wood, it will be time to make a workbench (to create it, you need 10 units of any wood or its analogues from other biomes). To do it, press ESC (or the key you reassigned the inventory to, for example, “E”), the inventory will open. There will be a vertical list in the lower left corner. These are items that you can create.

Select a workbench by clicking the left button on its icon, and then drag it to the inventory. It is placed in the same way as the block. If you open the inventory next to the workbench, you can see new recipes for items. The best option would be to create a wooden bow and a certain number of arrows to make it easier to defend against monsters.

Ordinary arrows can be improved if you have torches, thanks to which you can make burning arrows that have more damage. Also, these arrows can serve as light sources if they are fired. A good solution would be to create a wooden sword and use it instead of a copper dagger. You can also make wooden armor for a little protection.

With the onset of night, you will need shelter, as many strong monsters appear on the surface at night. In order to make it, you will need a solid material, such as wood or stone. Doors and walls (plus background walls) will prevent monsters from appearing inside your dwelling.

Before building a house, start by searching for a flat landscape, consistently make “sketches” of the house from the materials you have collected. But of course it is better to build a house in the air, for example, you can build vertical poles from ropes (they will be used as an entrance) and at the end of these pillars already build rooms (see picture No. 1).

Of course, if you don’t have time before dark, and (or) can’t find the right place, you can build a temporary house (box, pit). Remember that it is better to build a house at the place of your appearance in the world, only one block below. Otherwise, you will destroy the blocks at the place of appearance. When your character is killed, you will automatically move to the point where you appeared at the beginning of the game.

Soon you will need NPCs to facilitate the game. In order for the NPCs to settle in the house, it is necessary to have a set door. Remove three vertical blocks (under the height of the character) and put a door in their place.

After that, you should put the background walls in the house (stone or wooden). The background of the house should be completely filled. Make a torch and place it inside the building. This light source is necessary for the NPC to live. You will also need one workplace and one comfort item (the simplest option is a 10 × 6 room (To save wood, you can make platforms), a table and a chair, but you can, for example, a bed with a workbench) in your house for NPCs.

Important! In order for the house to be suitable for NPCs to live in, there must be at least one block of wood in the floor and necessarily under a chair (so that NPCs can sit on a chair)

Congratulations! You have successfully built your first shelter in Terraria!

03: Early Studies

Now that you have a safe haven, you’ll want to explore the world a bit. Go ahead! That’s what you need to pay attention to:

Ores. There are many different types of ore in the game, for example, copper, iron and silver. Ores also have alternatives: Copper — Tin, Iron — Lead, Silver — Tungsten, and so on (for more information, see the main article about ores). At the same time, tin tools are slightly more powerful than copper, lead is better than iron, and tungsten is better than silver. If one type of ore has been generated in the world, then there will be no alternative to it, only in chests.

Ores can be melted using a furnace into ingots, and then weapons and armor can be forged from them using an anvil, which is made of 5 units of iron (or lead), and can also be bought from a merchant for 50 silver coins, they fall out of different mobs.

Mushrooms. There are four types of mushrooms. Ordinary (red) mushrooms that grow on or near the surface, they can be eaten, when eaten, 15 HP is restored and the effect of post-illness is applied, and is also used in crafting small healing potions and regeneration potions.

Vile (purple) mushrooms that grow on the surface in distortion. Vicious (red with a gray leg) mushrooms that grow in the crimson zone. Glowing (blue) mushrooms that grow deep underground, they are used to craft healing potions and some others.

Pots. They are found on the surface and in caves, and can contain everything from coins to bombs. You can break them by hitting them with any object.

Chests. May contain rare accessories, coins, weapons, potions, ingots.

Precious stones. They are quite rare, so if you are lucky enough to find them, do not forget to collect them. Gems are an integral part of powerful meteor weapons, such as the phase sword, and are also needed to create magic staffs, good hooks and some other useful things.

Crystal hearts. If you found one of them, you’re in luck. If you break it with a pickaxe and use it on a character, then you will get one extra heart forever (+20HP). After using the first crystal heart, an NPC nurse will come to you, if you have built a house for her, who will treat you for a fee in the form of coins (the cost will increase as you progress through the game).

A fallen star. Every night they fall from the sky. You can make a mana crystal out of five stars – if you use it on a character, you will get one additional mana (+20). They can also be used for other crafts.

The cycle of day and night. When the day ends and night comes, you should return to a safe place as soon as possible, or get ready to destroy a lot of zombies and demonic eyes. It is strongly recommended to pay attention to the bow and arrows, they combine good damage and range of destruction, but at the same time the arrows do not fly in a straight line, but in a canopy, and it is recommended to make set on fire arrows from ordinary ones, they cause more damage and have a chance to set fire to the enemy. You can create them without any workbench of 10 arrows and a torch.

04: Exploring the World

Now that you have the resources and your shelter, you can travel around the world, in it you can find different biomes that will be discussed further.

The desert is a biome that consists entirely of sand, and it spawns quite dangerous for beginners mobs — vultures and ant lions. There is also a chance to find a treasure pyramid in the desert. The desert has its own analogue of trees — cactus (Palm trees).

Having obtained it, you can make a good equipment for a beginner. In the desert, sometimes you can find a huge sinkhole down, which leads to caves with dangerous mobs — underground deserts. Beware: strong flying monsters can fly out of the failure, which can easily kill an unprepared character.

There are light and weak monsters in this biome, but going down into the cave, you will see more powerful ones, such as a Viking skeleton. There are also chests with useful things. And to all this, there is always a Danger from the side of the Snow Biome.

Giant Tree

If you find a giant tree, you can use it for firewood or settle in it, in addition, some trees have a room with treasures in the roots, which already has a table, chairs and doors, therefore, by installing lighting sources, you can populate NPCs in this room. You can also find a chest that is similar in content to an ordinary one, but contains a branch of a living tree, a rod of foliage and sometimes a machine made of living wood.

Distortion is a dangerous biome where you can find rare items, but you should go there with good equipment, for example, with a cat hook, because there are crevices where you can fall through.

From the local flying monsters — soul eaters, a part of the set of ancient shadow armor may fall out with a very small chance. But even one such part can be a serious bonus to the combat capability of the character.

Descending into the underground distortion, you will find many altars and shadow spheres lying behind the layer of ebonite. It is impossible to break ebonite with standard weapons, so buy bombs and dynamite from the bomber and break the spheres. You can also buy a cleansing powder from the dryad and use it on ebonite, turning it into an ordinary stone. Unique items fall out of the spheres — but be careful! Breaking the third sphere will lead to the summoning of the World Eater, so be prepared. After defeating him, you will get a demonite and shadow scales, from which you can make weapons, tools and armor.

In addition, there are extensive natural deposits of demonite in the underground distortion, which can be extracted with the same bombs or a pickaxe of equal power, or more powerful than a golden pickaxe.

Crimzon is an alternative to distortion, which has its own mobs and boss. Instead of crevices, there are wide passages to the underground crime zone, where there are many living hearts and altars. At the very beginning, we recommend not going there, mobs there take a lot of damage and have a lot of health.

The underground crime zone is in many ways similar to distortion. Instead of shadow spheres, there are living hearts. With the breaking of every third heart, the boss — the Brain of Cthulhu is summoned, with the victory over which you can get valuable resources to create new armor and weapons. He can also be summoned using the bloody spine.

Unlike the underground distortion, there are no deposits of crimtane ore in the underground crimzone, while there is demonite in the distortion.

Floating islands are located high in the sky and it is very difficult to reach them without the help of gravity potion. Harpies fly around these islands — dangerous mobs that can shoot feathers. For an unprepared player, they can become difficult opponents, especially in large numbers.

On a flying island there can be either a large lake, or a fragment of a forest, or a treasury with a heavenly chest and a fragment of a forest. Different ore veins, sunflowers and trees can be generated on the island. Also, the items lying in the heavenly chests will pleasantly please you.

Just above the floating islands is a small biome of space. Its difference is in an absolutely black, cosmic background, weakened gravity and an increased number of harpies.

The oceans are located in the left and right borders of the world, on the surface, respectively, there are always two oceans in the world. There are many underwater monsters in the ocean. In addition to monsters, there are water chests with useful loot deep under the water.

To explore the underwater zone of the ocean, a ranged weapon that simultaneously generates light is recommended. For example: a bow with frosty arrows that glow and burn even under water. Be careful, at any moment you may be attacked by a shark. She has a lot of hit points, and her punches do a lot of damage.

Next to one of the oceans there will definitely be a dungeon.

Danj is a biome, when going to which you need to stock up on strong weapons and armor. The dungeon is a fortress that contains a lot of treasures and dangerous monsters, but you can enter there only after killing Skeletron. To summon the boss, you need to talk to an old NPC at the entrance to the dungeon at night. After killing Skeletron, you will get artifacts, money, things and access to the dungeon itself.

If you try to enter the Dungeon without killing Skeletron, when you reach a depth below zero at sea level, he will try to kill you (and most likely will do it) Guardian of the Dungeon.

Now you can go to the jungle. There are many dangerous creatures in the jungle caves, but by killing them, you can get things to create armor and weapons of the jungle. In the jungle there is a special type of wood – red wood, or mahogany, and bamboo grows here, which is also an analogue of a tree.

Hell is the most dangerous pre—modern biome. It is dangerous because of strong mobs and a large amount of lava. Also here you can find shadow chests with unique things (you will need a shadow key, which is located in one of the chests of the dungeon, (most often in the very first one) which opens shadow chests), fortresses with furniture, paintings and a large number of pots.

Having collected ores, you need to make a flaming sword first of all: it will serve as an ingredient for the Edge of the Night (If you are already familiar with classes, and have strong weapons and armor for your class – it is not necessary to do this: A cast pickaxe will be more useful). When finding and killing a voodoo demon, you will get a voodoo guide doll, and by throwing it into the lava, you will summon the key boss of the game — the Wall of Flesh.

05: Fishing

Terraria is not only a continuous genocide of monsters and the killing of bosses, it has peaceful aspects. One of these aspects is fishing. What is fishing?

Fishing is a peaceful way to get good equipment at the beginning of the game, without running through dangerous and dark mines in search of ore, constantly dying in the process. Even at the very beginning of the game, looking through the list of crafts made of wood on a wooden workbench, you can stumble upon a wooden fishing rod. This is the first fishing tool.

However, fishing rods alone are not enough, you also need Bait. Bait can be obtained by catching it with a net, which can be bought from a merchant. The main types of bait are worm and firefly. Fireflies appear in abundance at night if you stand in one place for a while. Worms can appear during rain or when breaking various piles of stones overgrown with moss, which can be found everywhere on the surface.

Of course, bait and fishing rods will not be enough. We need a pond where you can fish. The larger the reservoir, the more effective fishing will be, in too small reservoirs fishing is generally impossible.

The ocean is recommended as a body of water for fishing, in addition to the standard catch, you can catch: swordfish, which can become a good initial weapon; shark-pickaxe, which is an excellent pickaxe of dohardmod and sawfish, which can be quickly sawed trees and monsters.

Also in the ocean you can find a special NPC-fisherman. He will give you tasks to catch this or that fish, and in return for this fish he will give out some reward. And the more tasks are completed, the better the reward will be.

The catch varies depending on the biome in which fishing is conducted. For example, deep in caves you can catch mirror fish, while on the surface it simply does not exist.

Fishing, you can catch a lot of useful things — boxes, frog’s foot, puffer fish, marshmallow fish. But, these things are a very rare catch. In order to get them, perseverance and perseverance will be required.

By opening the boxes, you can get money, potions, ore, ingots, accessories, weapons, a pet, a mount and other game goods. In general, fishing in many ways can replace hiking in caves, but she will never be able to do it completely.

06: Switching to Hard Mode (Complex Mode)

Before switching to hardmod, a reasonable solution would be to make a mushroom biome for Truffle. To fight the Wall of Flesh, you will need a minimum of shadow scale armor, more accessories, a cat hook and 200 health units. You also have to make a hellish pickaxe out of hellish ore, which can be used to mine the first hard—mod ore – cobalt/palladium.

After killing the Wall of Flesh, your world will switch to “hard mode”. This means that the game will become much more difficult. New monsters will appear, distortion/crime zone will spread very quickly — you won’t even be able to keep track of it, a new biome will appear — the holy lands, which contains many dangerous enemies and spreads quickly, and much more, which you should be ready for.

After that, you have to go to the distortion (or crimson zone) and smash demonic/bloody altars with the help of a nagibator, which always falls off the Wall of Flesh. You can break as many altars as you want, but it is advisable to leave one for crafting (preferably closer to home)!

Breaking altars will not only lead to the appearance of a new ore in the world, but also with a small chance it can replace 1 block of stone with perlite, ebonite or krymonite in a random place in the world (which will lead to the appearance of another underground biome of the holy lands, distortion or crimson, which will begin to grow rapidly) be careful: when you break altar, then you are attacked by several ghosts. After destroying the altars, you can start searching for new ore.

You can go to your old explored/abandoned caves and mines, probably there may be new ore there. At first, only blue (cobalt) or orange (palladium) ore will be of value to you, since you will not be able to dig up others (places with other ore should be noted in order to collect it in the future).

During the research, many unfamiliar enemies who are stronger than you may come across, so you need to use tactics of hiding and treatment. While traveling through the caves, you may stumble upon underground holy lands and an underground distortion/crimson zone. Each of them is dangerous in its own way, the underground distortion will look like a jungle, and the underground holy lands will look like ordinary caves. You may also notice that multicolored crystals grow on perlite in the underground holy lands. You can collect them to make a huge healing potion that restores 150 HP.

In addition, it is possible to make a phase saber out of them (but only if you have a phase sword) — an excellent weapon at the beginning of the hardmode. You can also find a new NPC in the caves — a wizard. He sells things that can help you further (such as an ice wand, a bell, and a harp).

After mining cobalt/palladium, the first thing you will have to do is make a cobalt drill /palladium drill or pickaxe to mine mithril/orichalcum (light green/pink ore), and also start saving for palladium or cobalt armor, a sword (but this is not necessary, since the edge of the night with good forging can replace all swords before excalibur), a spear, and a crossbow.

After crafting the armor, you can go to get an important thing at the initial levels — the Yin-Yang chain. It can become your main weapon against crowds of monsters or segmented-type creatures. When finding a mithril/orichalcum, you must make an orichalcum or mithril anvil out of it, a necessary item for creating almost all hard-fashion things (including crystal bullets and a Yin-Yang chain).

Next, you will need a new accessory — wings. But it will not be easy to make them, you will need to be at the level necessary to create floating islands. You will need harpy feathers and the souls of the new floating Islands mob — wyverns. This is a strong monster, has 4000 life units and a powerful attack. The wyvern is a segmented monster.

This means that it would be better to use any penetrating weapon, as against the World Eater. You will need 20 of these souls to make wings (that’s about 2-4 wyverns). You can make wings from the souls of light/night. Which souls you choose, this type of wings will be. However, there is a more cunning way to get wings for yourself. First of all, we go to the underground jungle (preferably before switching to hard mode) and find a bee hive. Next, we kill the Queen Bee and build a house on the surface of the jungle (ideally, we create an appropriate biome on our base right inside the house for the shaman, so as not to risk walking through the hard—mod jungle) and wait until the shaman comes.

After all this, you need to accumulate one platinum, open a hardmod, and then go to the shaman at night and buy wings. The ingredients to create wings can also be obtained from other creatures (moth pollen, broken vampire wings, etc.). After going to the underground holy lands or underground distortion/crimzon, you will collect enough souls (and also probably more cobalt/palladium and mithril/orichalcum).

Now you can return home to craft ingots (if you collected ore) and wings. Wings are not a mandatory accessory, but it can help you a lot. The main advantage is that you don’t take damage from falling (which makes the lucky/obsidian horseshoe useless), and you can also fly. You can use your lightning boots to increase the flight time and speed.

So, now we proceed to the creation of orichalcum or mithril armor. After the extraction of mithril / orichalcum, you can go to the extraction of adamantite / titanium (red / silver ore). Adamantite/titanium is mined only with a mithril/orichalcum or higher drill /pickaxe, so it cannot be mined without it.

Adamantite/titanium is located deep underground, it is not uncommon for it to be found even in hell. Adamantite/titanium is your final ore. When you collect the ore, you will not be able to melt it into ingots just like that — you will need a titanium/adamantite furnace for this.

So, the moment has come when you have collected enough adamantite/titanium, mithril/orichalcum and cobalt/palladium. Next, you have to make holy armor, as well as powerful tools. To do this, you need a loot of hardcore bosses.

You must be 100% ready to defeat them, so do not spare potions, ammo and upgrades — they can help at a particularly crucial moment. It is advisable to start with the Destroyer, because he is the weakest in combat tactics, but not in strength, the Twins will be next, and then Skeletron Prime.

07: Battle with the Slug Queen

After switching to the hard mode, we can kill the Slug Queen, a boss added in update 1.4. To summon the boss, you need to find a Gelatin Crystal in the underground Holy Biome. We find and break this crystal. Then we go to the surface. The arena for killing the boss may not be needed if there are any wings other than the Wings of the chick. It is best to have Adamantite armor at the moment or

Titanium armor. The best weapon to kill the boss is Daedalus’ Storm Bow, which can fall from the Holy Copycat.

We start killing the boss — in the first phase we have to shoot at the queen herself, dodging her attacks, and the attacks of the servants. Attention! After that, the boss enters the second phase, and can fly. It is necessary to stay on the ground more and dodge her shots! However, the boss becomes less protected. We shoot the boss, dodge attacks. So we kill the boss.

The boss should be killed for the sake of the Gelatin Saddle. Gelatin saddle is an improved hard—fashion slippery saddle that can also fly.

08: Battle with Mechanical Bosses

After defeating the slug queen, we defeat the mechanical bosses: Destroyer, Skeletron Prime, Gemini.

Note: Daedalus’ storm bow with holy arrows is suitable as a weapon for killing all three mechanical bosses, and even Planters, but since version, this bow has been greatly weakened, and the speed has also been lowered on the Destroyer.

Also, the stars * of the holy arrows removed the penetration of several targets. Because of all this, the damage of the bow per second decreased by 3-4 times.

Before the boss battle, it is recommended to build a good arena with bonfires, heart lamps, honey and a room with a nurse.

From all the holy ingots and souls received, you can make strong things and useful accessories. Such as:

  • Holy Armor
  • Gungnir
  • Holy Crossbow
  • Rainbow Rod
  • Flamethrower
  • Buropil
  • Pickaxe
  • Magic Harp
  • Excalibur
  • Optical Staff

09: Battle with the Plantation

After defeating three hard-mod bosses, you need to head to the hard-mod jungle, where new dangers have appeared: turtles, giant fleas and other monsters. The first task is to find chlorophyte and extract it with a pickaxe or a drill bit to create chlorophytic armor.

Get chlorophyte near the machine. So much of it we will need to create a more perfect armor. Secondly, find a rosebud and start building an arena for the upcoming battle with the Planter boss. To summon her, just break the glowing rosebud with a pickaxe. After defeating the Planter, you will get the key to the lizard temple.

Attention! When exiting the underground jungle, the boss falls into an “enraged” state, in which her defense, attack and speed are significantly increased. Therefore, it is strictly not recommended to fight with her outside the jungle!

Tactics on the Planter

It is worth noting that you can find chlorophyte in the jungle after killing the Wall of Flesh, but you will not be able to get it because of the weak strength of the pickaxe. Chlorophyte can be extracted only with picks with a force of 200% or higher, that is, with tools with a pickaxe or a drill, which can be created only after killing three mechanical bosses.

The found chlorophyte can also be created to create a specific class armor — Turtle armor (which can later be made beetle armor) for a warrior; Mushroom armor made from mushroom ingots, which are made from chlorophytic ingots and glowing mushrooms on an Automolote sold by NPC Truffle after killing Planters from version 1.2.3 — for the shooter; Spectral armor created from chlorophytic ingots and ectoplasm, which is extracted after killing planters from dungeon mobs — for the magician. Mushroom ingots and ectoplasm can also be used to create useful accessories and tools (hoverboard, spectral pickaxe, etc.)

10: Battle with the Empress of Light

After killing the Planter – in the Holy Biome, you can find a Prismatic Goldeneye, you need to catch it with a net.

Then we go to kill the boss in the Holy Biome. Attention! Do not kill the Prismatic Goldeneye during the day, otherwise the Empress of Light will become many times stronger and will kill with one blow, but if you are still crazy, then I allow you).

We are waiting for the night. We release the butterfly from the inventory and kill it. At this stage, it is necessary to dodge each attack. Also, the Empress is trying to hit you from behind, keep your distance with her. After the boss has about a third of her health left, she moves into the second stage, where she becomes stronger. We dodge the attacks and kill her.

The Empress of Light / Tactics – Tactics on the Boss

The boss should be killed for weapons for all classes. For the summoner — Kaleidoscope and Terraprism (if you killed her during the day), for the magician — Night glow, for the warrior — Starlight, for the shooter — Evening.

Also, with a chance of 2% in Expert Mode, and in the Master Mode, a weapon can fall on a magician – a Star Melody. As a bonus – the Wings of the Empress.

11: Hardmod-Dungeon

After receiving loot from the Planter and the Empress of Light, you will become well equipped enough to go to the updated dungeon. After defeating the Planter, very strong monsters appeared in it, for example, a paladin or a Satanist. There are also special chests with unique items in the dungeon.

The keys for these chests can be obtained in the form of loot from themed monsters of each of the biomes. In the world, only 4 out of 5 such chests can appear in the dungeon, you will have to try to knock out the precious loot. From the new enhanced dungeon monsters, you can get a lot of new useful items, such as a tactical shotgun, a sniper rifle, and others.

12: Lizard Temple

The Temple of the Lizards is a location located in the jungle, which is quite complex. It becomes accessible to the public immediately after the murder of the Planter. To get into this temple, you need to open the door with a key that falls out of the same Planter. Now that the gate is open, make sure you are sufficiently equipped.

The temple is full of powerful traps that you can pick up for yourself. The temple also has unique furniture, and in the chests you can find batteries for summoning the boss.

When you manage to reach the end of the temple, you will find an altar of lizards that summons a Golem using batteries, so it is convenient to get and bring it home by putting Activators under it, and turn them on (This does not work on versions and higher). You can get unique items from the Golem, so you can defeat it several times.

Golem is easy to kill with the help of the Cloud Rod, Golden Rain and Mega Shark with holy armor and above.

13: Battle with Duke Byron

After collecting loot in the hardmode dungeon and the lizard temple, as well as the pumpkin and frost moons farm, you will have a battle with a strong boss — Duke Rybron. To summon a Fishron, you should catch a truffle worm with a net in an underground mushroom biome. Then to fish this worm in the ocean, the Duke will come.

The battle with him should be approached thoroughly: the construction of an arena, maximum potions, high-quality equipment (including what you got from special biome chests) and all the experience you have accumulated in the game. A good accessory in the battle with him will be a Hoverboard, which will give you high maneuverability. Very good accessories and weapons fall out of the Cartridge.

Bonfires, a lamp with a heart, bottles with a star, UFOs, Blessed Apple and pine needles with spectral armor (with a hood) are perfect

It is worth noting that you can detect the truffle worm after the transition to the hard mode — that is, after killing the Wall of Flesh, therefore the Fishron can be summoned immediately after the transition to the hard mode, but to defeat it with the equipment of the early hard mode, you need to be a real veteran of Terraria with outstanding gaming abilities. Therefore, the Duke of Rybron is recommended to take place in the late hard mode.

Attention! When exiting the ocean, the boss falls into an “enraged” state, in which the duke’s defense, attack and speed increase significantly. Therefore, it is strictly not recommended to fight with him outside the ocean biome.

Rybron is an “off-story” boss and his murder is not necessary at all.

14: Events

Pumpkin Moon

You should start with the pumpkin moon, this is a simpler event compared to the frosty moon. To summon the pumpkin moon, you will need a pumpkin moon medallion.

To create it, holy ingots, ectoplasm and pumpkins are required. If with holy ingots and ectoplasm everything is pretty clear how to get, then for pumpkin extraction you need to either buy pumpkin seeds from dryads and grow them on ordinary land, or wait for Halloween, which lasts from October 20 to November 10. Or, set the desired date on your computer (for example, 10/20/2016) and don’t wait for anything, Terraria will think that you already have autumn, and Halloween will begin.

By the way, you can imitate Christmas with the same technique. Pumpkins will grow on the surface. The ways of passing the pumpkin moon are described here. There are 15 waves in total in the Pumpkin Moon, your goal is to get to the last one.

Frosty Moon

More complicated than pumpkin, for the call you will need a gift for the naughty. In the event of 20 waves, your goal again is to reach the last one and fight until the end of the night.

During the summoning of both pumpkin and frost moons, keep in mind: time is working against you, so as soon as the night begins, immediately use the gift. To pass, you may need items that you received from the pumpkin moon. Tactics for passing are described here

15: The Lunatic Cultist

The end of the game is coming. After the Golem is destroyed, cultists will appear at the entrance to the dungeon. Initially, they are neutral to the player’s character — cultists will not attack exactly until the player attacks them. After all four cultists are killed, their leader will appear.

The cultist is a lunatic. He is very different from all bosses in his size and attacks. Unlike all the other bosses, he is only slightly larger than the character himself. His attacks are sharp and fast, very diverse and powerful.

In combat with him, it is recommended to use homing weapons, for example, a megaacula with chlorophytic bullets. Due to the small size of the boss, it is difficult to hit him, given that he constantly makes sharp jumps in the air.

After killing a lunatic, you will get an ancient manipulator — a workplace where you can create the best Terrarium items. Also, after the murder of a Lunatic Cultist, the Heavenly Towers event will be launched in the world.

16: Sky Towers

As soon as you kill the cultist boss, 4 heavenly towers will appear in the world. The towers will be located equally far from each other. The center of the world (spawn point) will be located exactly in the center between the two heavenly towers.

A special temporary biome is formed around the towers — a place where unique monsters spawn, from which no drop drops. Each biome is unique. In each biome, the opponents correspond to the theme of their sky tower.

The towers are protected by special shields that protect them from any attacks. In order to remove the shield, you need to kill a certain number of enemies belonging to a certain tower, respectively, which appear in large numbers around the towers.

With each killed mob, the shield will become more transparent and weaker. In normal mode, you need to kill 100 enemies to remove the shield, in expert mode you need 150, in master mode – 200

After the shield falls, the tower will become available for attacks. All you have to do is destroy the tower. After defeating the tower, special fragments will fall out of it, from which almost the best equipment in the game is created on the ancient manipulator.

17: Moon Lord

Undoubtedly, the Moon Lord is the strongest boss of Terraria. In addition, the Lord is able to impress with his size, he is the largest boss in the game.

You need to prepare for the battle with him as much as possible: a room with a bed and a nurse; items that accelerate the regeneration of life; strengthening stations; all combat potions; the best equipment with the best modifications.

After defeating him, you will receive 1 of 9 special items dropped from the Moon Lord, as well as luminite, which is used to create the best armor in Terraria. In fact, after defeating the lord, the game will be completed, however, you can continue to explore the worlds and complete achievements.…

Or try to go through a more complex version of the game again, for example, the expert mode with a character of medium difficulty (with things falling out).

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