METAL GEAR SOLID 3: Snake Eater – Master Collection Version – How to Escape from Prison

A guide to help you escape from the prison inside Grosnyj Grad. This guide contains spoilers!

Easiest Ways

The easiest way to get the door open is to puke. Open your cure menu and using the right analog stick, spin Snake in any direction for a few seconds.

After exiting the pause menu you will throw up. The guard will open the door to check on you giving you a window to kick his a**. Watch out though, as if you wait too long he will realize it’s a ruse and commence the alert phase.

This also works if you use the fake death pill. To get the fake death pill, you must open the cure menu and remove the transmitter using the fork.

Other Methods

  • If you pressed R1 at the end the cutscene of Snake being tortured, you will see The End hold up a sign behind the Boss showing the frequency to open the door. The frequency is 144.75
  • If you manage to find 3 pieces of food, you can throw them through the door and the guard will eat them. Doing this will show a cutscene of him sharing his family with you. If you had previously picked up the cigarette spray, in the cutscene he will hand them back to you. Using it you can knock him out through the bars.
  • If you throw your food on the ground and wait for it to rot, (It takes forever) the guard will eat it like before but immediately rush to the bathroom, allowing you to figure a way to open the door safely.
  • If you hide under the bed in your cell, the guard will come into the cell to investigate giving you a chance to whoop him.
  • If you had gone into the cure menu and removed the bullet using the fork, you can use it to shoot the guard.
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