OTXO – OP Build

Unleash the bullethose!

The Build

First, you have to reroll the starting drinks untill you get Chenrezing. Then in the next bar pick Homing Pigeon and Pocket Ace. If you want to get this build quicker, you can try catching fish that costs 200 coins and roll yourself a Rain Check right after Chenrezing.

This way you can take Homing Pigeon first as it is more expensive, and then Pocket Ace. Now when you miss your shots, ammo will return you your magazine.

The thing is, the ammo will overflow the original mag capacity, which will make the rest of the game extremely trivial.

So, in short, the backbone of this build is this:

  • Chenrezing
  • Homing Pigeon
  • Pocket Ace

Now you can add any liquors you want to this build, it will only get more OP from now on!

Created by Layman

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