Sky: Children of the Light – Useful Tips for New Players (Moths)

Gameplay Tips for Moth / Moff

Save up for your favourite cosmetics. The ones from the base constellations can be purchased anytime, as well as their emotes. I recommend getting the hearts first from the base spirits and also ts if you’re unable to do heart trade with friends (pls don’t attack me skybot).

If possible, get a friend who can guide you through wasteland. It’s brutal, especially the spirits in the middle of graveyard! Only go on a solo trip once you’re familiar with the krills’ routes (and sufficient winged light to allow you to fly high above them as to avoid their wrath).

Memorize the candles locations in each and every realm. Remember, the rotations differ from one another. That way, it’s much easier to go on candle runs. It will take some time, but you’ll catch up just fine (this also applies to winged light locations)!

Keep yourself updated on seasonal events so you won’t miss out on limited-time cosmetics and props! (Don’t be sad if you miss a couple of events. I missed a year worth of seasons and events, but always remember there are future events to look forward to).

Last but not least, don’t go to eden alone.

General Tips

Remember if this is your first time, don’t expect to do well. Don’t stress about getting Eden candles… just go for the experience and to figure stuff out. Also, Eden is meant to be hard.

If you are before the PNR (Point of No Return) (which is a long narrow tunnel lined with a bunch of winged light and upon reaching the end you’ll get a prompt asking you if you’re sure you want to continue). This part is just about slowly moving forward and trying not to die. If you’re too stuck/lost you can go Home and restart Eden from the beginning.

Other advice for this area:

  • Turn on sound and listen/watch for when the rocks and wind are active. Only move away from shelter when they briefly stop.
  • Move quickly.
  • Go from one light source to the next and make sure you light them all.
  • If you get hit, get to the nearest shelter/go back to a light source to save yourself.

For past PNR (aka “the statue area” where you give you winged light to statues): Note that once you go through the PNR you can no longer go Home and it will be extremely hard/impossible to leave Eden.

The game will force you to finish Eden.

  • Try to give your winged light to as many statues as possible. A hand/winged light button will appear over statues you haven’t got yet as you near them.
  • There are 63 statues but you won’t get them all. Just get whatever you can and don’t stress about it!
  • There’s a big red diamond in the distance. That’s the direction you should keep heading as you get statues.
  • Eventually you’ll run out of winged light and die. That’s ok! That’s supposed to happen. Just follow what the game prompts you to do after that.

Other tip: You can’t teleport to friends if they’re in Eden so if you want someone’s in-game help you’ll both need to meet at Home and start over Eden together (a bother, I know).

Wearing chibi mask does not influence your chances or becoming smaller when using a resize potion. Neither does having a chibi friend near you when using a resize potion. Same for Shrink and Tiny spells.

This also applies to the inverse desire with Grow and Huge spells.


The use of cosmetics, spells/potions/scrolls, the presence of other players and so on has no bearing on what height you will get when using a Resize Potion. There are over 4000 heights in Sky and the results of the potion are entirely random. You have a 50/50 chance of being shorter or taller than you were before.

Spoilery Tips and Tricks for the First Quest

  • These darkness plants are not your friend! Do not attempt to burn them and keep well away from them! Hoard your precious light because you’re going to need it.
  • You cannot escape the krill. The krill is inevitable. If you try to run from the krill you may get stuck in a darkness plant. Simply stand in the open and accept your fate.
  • The deer is doing its best but sometimes the cutscene sticks you in a plant. Try to stay far away from the plants the second time you’re spotted to prevent this.
  • If you’ve already finished your quest and have nothing to do try joining a winged light patrol and fly the canyon looking for other players’ dropped WL (Winged Light).

Krills (Dark Dragons) Tips

Krills (Dark Dragons) aren’t very good at checking around themselves. So long as you stay out of their line of sight, if you’re feeling bold, you can just walk directly underneath them with no problems. They’re better at spotting you if you’re flying over, but there’s a certain range where they’ll just not see you either. But if you don’t have a lot of wings and/or aren’t terribly confident, running from hiding spot to hiding spot is your safest bet.

Looking at their flight path and where you could hide if it goes sour, before rushing in and when you do hide, do not leave your hiding spot even if the spotlight looks scary: after you cut sight with the krill it’ll stand still and search for you a little while During that time, it cannot create line of sight again with you because it isn’t moving. Regardless of how much the spotlight seems to say otherwise. So do not panic, take your time and the krill will go alright.

How to Slide Faster

  • Stay in contact with the ground; avoid ramps or jumping. Any time you’re in the air is lost horizontal speed.
  • If you do find yourself jumping off a ramp, shift into glide mode a split second before you touch back down: it’ll conserve most of your vertical speed as you’re falling as horizontal speed, what you want most.
  • Alternatively, if you find yourself in the air and there’s a patch of ice you can land on, land on the ice: it has next to no friction, so all your vertical speed will all convert to horizontal speed automatically, no gliding needed.
  • Avoid making really sharp turns in the snow. Keep your turns in the snow really wide: you’ll know you’re turning too sharp when you see and hear yourself skidding through the snow. That sound you hear is lost speed as well.

Tips for Traveling Spirits

  • Traveling Spirits repeat
  • Traveling Spirit prices can—and often will—change from one appearance to the next. Please consider this before sharing price charts before the Spirit arrives
  • Prices from the China server often differ from Global server
  • The order of appearance is random
  • If you’ve previously unlocked cosmetics, hearts, or blessings from a spirit they will appear already redeemed. They do not reset between visits
  • You do not need to visit Eden before the Traveling Spirit departs
  • If you’ve already collected the expression—stance/call/emote/friendship—you do not need to relive the spirits’ memories to access their friendship tree from Home, but the option to do so is available

Most Importantly:

Even if you gain little or nothing from a Traveling Spirit, either because you have the items they offer or have no interest in the items offered, don’t rain on someone else’s parade. Keep the discourse kind and respectful. Take the weekend off from grinding and enjoy the break.

Full Friendship Tree

Here is the updated friendship tree with the latest friendship interaction from the current season.

Total Cost:

  • 285 x Standard Candles
  • 26 x Ascended Candles

Click to enlarge…

Spirit Trees of Standard Spirits

These are the most updated version of the spirits trees of the standard spirits from the 6 realms of Sky!

Note: Nodes with a * are not required for the completion of the constellation.

Click to enlarge…


Wasteland Graveyard Map

Click to enlarge…

Wasteland Battlefield Map

Click to enlarge…

Vault Library / Archives Map

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