Contraband Police – How to Not Fail Entry nor Denied

This guide is to help you out get started!

Guide to Not Fail Entry nor Denied

So when you first play the game for first time you are hit with a Cutscene and then Tutorial, once these are done follow bellow to the real Guide.

So you have finished the Tutorial! Now let’s get onto the Guide to how to not fail, cause if you fail you lose money depending on rank lvl you are at. So let’s get into it!

When you start up doing stuff without tutorial go to your settings by clicking “ESC” then once in settings go to Gameplay then put everything Max or to where your PC can handle this. You probably saying “But Sasha what does this have to do with not failing?” well keep reading!

The better the Quality the easier it is to find little things like Snake Symbol, NewCommers Details especially for ID Photo, Cargo, & hidden contraband.

This may slow your PC or Laptop down but here comes the fun part of this Guide! So here’s the steps!


  1. Quality Up (Or where ya computer can handle).
  2. Look at the Bulletin Wall for Smugglers.
  3. If smuggler shows up you can see the Symbols by UV by pressing “F” x2.
  4. If NewCommer has wrong name, Photo, Expired this can help you read the Photo, Lettering and Calendar!
  5. Either Accept them or Deny them based on what you found (but smugglers get arrested).

Now since you understand this Guide have a nice lovely day!

Created by Sasha

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