Wobbly Life – How to Get the Alien Costume

If you wanna get the Alien costume, this is the guide for you!

Alien Costume Guide

Arriving at the Pizza place at 11:00

At night, go to the pizza place and wait for it to hit 12:00.

Doing the job

You are almost there to getting the costume. Do the job when the clock hits 12:00.

But there are a few bad things that happen:

  • The Customer will constantly move place to place.
  • You have about 5 min to complete the job.
  • It’s pretty fast.

Almost there!

Just keep following the UFO until it stops at the Ice Hocky ring.

Then I will move on until the end of this guide.

Then again, there are some bad things that happen here:

  • It’s really slippery.
  • The Pizza might go flying out of existance.
  • You have to be lucky for the aliens to catch it when it is going flying.

Last step!

Then you will see the aliens have a beam, that beam sucks things up, including pizza.

Walk/run over to the beam and let the pizza get sucked up into the UFO.

Then AGAIN, there are some downsides to this step.

  • The beam might lose the pizza.
  • The beam is not very accurate, and pizza might go flying.
  • You could lose yourself inside of the UFO. (But you will have the costume already)

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