Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp – 20 Equipment Achievement Guide

This guide will give you the tips and tricks needed to get 20 equipment in one development game. Prepare for RNG and buckle up!

Intro + Starting Equipment / Characters


Hi! I’ll make this quick. Doing this achievement is one of the fastest ways to get 2 gold coins after you’ve done some previous development runs and battled in the towers a couple times. it is heavily RNG reliant, but hopefully this guide will minimize that.

You will want to complete development for 40 characters or so to avoid spoilers.

Starting Equipment/Characters

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare:

  • Beat at least the Horse Monobeast in the Despair Tower to get the Horse Scroll. I recommend beating the Human too, but it’s not 100% required.
  • Get Monophanie’s Hope Fragment to start out with 3000G.
  • Get any combination of Pure White Practice Sword/Replica Sword + Prop Carrying Case/Gamer’s Backpack to start with. Cards and Shops are absolutely necessary to this achievement. I used the PWPS + PCC and got the achievement, so it’s not that RNG based (yet).
  • As a side, you need to learn how to properly stop the wheel for card and treasure spaces. I find that using peripheral vision and keeping tempo with the consistent spin helps me out, but I’m not you. It is absolutely necessary that you master this (and you will still mess up).

The Character:

  • You need to pick a Cerebral (Blue) character to get as much money as possible.
  • On that note, Twogami (Imposter Byakuya), Shirokuma, and Miu are META. The reason is because, when landed on in Develpment mode, they give you Steel Skin Cards, which are useless in this run. Picking them as the player removes them from the pool.
  • Toko, Celeste, Junko, Chiaki, Sonia, and Nagisa should not be picked (explained later).
  • All other Cerebral characters are usable, but not META. I used Kirumi because I was missing her Hope Fragment anyways, so it just saved me some time. I don’t recommend picking her, regardless.

Starting Up

The Beginning

Right out of the gate, you’re going to want to head east towards the Central Island’s shop to buy the following items:

  • All scrolls
  • Jabbexcalibur (or whatever it’s called)
  • Jabberwock Undies
  • 3 Move Card
  • Central Island Card
  • 6 Move Cards (until you run out of money)

It shouldn’t take you longer than 3-4 turns to get all the equipment you need. If you take longer than that, RNG is screwing you over already.

When you buy them, use the 6 Move Card to get onto the card space in front of the Tiger Monobeast. Get a Shop Card or Triple Move from it and fight the Tiger (you should OHKO it with Ultra Magic).

Roll to move onto the Snake. If you miss, you’ll still get a card. You may use the other 6 Moves to get to the Bird, followed by the Horse (use it to get to the Horse if you only have one) and one shot them.

Leave the Human Monobeast ALIVE. You may or may not be strong enough to take him on with your stats AND you can use him as a pseudo-warp in specific circumstances if Monokid wants to teleport you out of a dungeon (assuming you’ve gotten the treasure in there already).

Once you’ve beaten the Horse, use a Triple Move or anything fast to get to the First Island’s Shop ASAP!

Movement Basics + 1st Island

Movement Basics

Most of the game, you are going to want to roll with Double Move cards or better. This achievement has a very strict window (I beat it with only one turn to spare). With that in mind, Shop Cards and Move Cards are absolutely necessary to win.

Shop Cards can be found on card spaces, but can also be found by landing on Celeste, Sonia, and Nagisa. If you think landing on them is worth the lost space (if they’re not on your path), go for it! Otherwise, especially for long distances, you will have to skip them.

Double Move Cards will be your bread-and-butter until the 3rd Island, so buying them and getting them on card spaces are highly recommended. You can also land on Sakura, Junko, Mukuro, Nekomaru, Monomi, Masaru, Tenko, and K1-B0 to get free Double Moves.

Move Cards can also help you get to spaces you need to get to, like the shop). The higher you roll, the more likely you are to find a route that will land you on the space you need. It usually works out on the overworld, but dungeons might be tricky. Use proper statistics!

For those of you with less confidence at the wheel, 0 Move Cards will ensure you a second chance at the cost of 1 day. Toko, Chiaki, and Himiko will give you one. Nagito also gives you a Hope Card that can disable a trap from the treasure wheel, but it takes up a valuable card slot.

Huge shout out to u/Whisperella-Night on Reddit for putting a spreadsheet together with all the character’s stats and stuff. Check it out if you want to get META with the game.

As for spaces to land on, I recommend using card tiles and monster tiles as much as possible. You will need cards and money throughout the run and these are the best ways to get them. All the other tiles are worthless.

First Island

Go to the store (or use a Card if you want) and buy all the equipment, weakest to strongest. Yes, it will lower your stats, but that shouldn’t matter since you’re level 20+ and can nuke anything on the island. You’re now at 5 equipment (the two you bought at the start count). Buy Double Move cards and/or 0 Move Cards, depending on how confident you are with the wheel.

Go to the dungeon and use that 3 Move Card (you can thank me later), get on the treasure tile and snag the Gold Sword. Then, use the Central island card to zoom over and start heading to island 2. If you’re lucky, you might get a Shop Card or Triple Move when you land!

2nd-4th Islands

2nd Island

I won’t lie, the 2nd island is a menace. Get to the store as soon as you can (HIGHLY recommend you use a card), buy the gear and double roll into the dungeon. Same as last time.

You may want to keep track of your cash at this point, especially if you get good luck with high movement and don’t fight a lot. It might be worth rolling a little bit in the dungeon for money, but that’s up to RNG.

The 2nd dungeon is a run killer sometimes with its spacing. but get that 24k sword to the left and get out (preferably by warping). Head over to the 3rd Island!

You should be halfway through the time limit at this point. if you’re a little over, it’s OK. I think this run has ~5 days of leniency.

3rd Island

This is probably the hardest shop to get to, but do so ASAP! You might be running low on money, so don’t be afraid to grind on enemy spaces if you have to. Get the gear at the store and as many Triple Move cards as you can get (You’re at 13 equipment now)! Use a Triple Move and pray to roll a 4 to move into the dungeon!

This dungeon is an absolute troll. There are three treasure rooms but the Platinum Sword is in the furthest room; above the boss. Roll as fast as you can up there and get the sword. Get out and head to the 4th Island.

4th Island

The store here isn’t that hard to get to. Just roll high and hope you land on it (and have enough money). If you don’t have enough money, you can get some Quad Move cards, the best sword, and grind in the dungeon until you have enough to come back. Buy the gear and Quad Move cards to get into the Funhouse (you have 17 equipment now).

The Diamond Sword is in the back room at the very bottom of the dungeon. It’s not that tricky if you have enough Quad Moves to burn. The other chest has a Move Anywhere card, but I have no idea what it does TBH. If you can snag it, cool. Otherwise, just get the sword and get to island 5!

You should have less than a week left at this point!

Final Island

Last Island

Ironically, this menacing-looking island is the easiest to do. The Black Rod is out in the open on the right treasure tile. Just roll it and you’ll have 19 equipment!

19? That’s right, you STILL have to go to the store on the top of this island. Granted, it’s an easy store to land on. Just buy the Dragon sword and you’ll have all 20! Congrats! The gold coins are yours to gamble away!

That’s about it. I just got the achievement and there’s probably a different guide out there, but this is how I did it and I know how important gold coins are in this game so I figured I would share the info.

For a final tip: Don’t throw out or sell the 1-6 Move cards until you have to or are buying Double+ Move cards; you never know when they’ll be useful.

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  1. Excellent tips! I tried a run with R Shirokuma and even with some bumps, finished with 4 days to spare. Having access to all 5 scrolls (+money/exp bonuses) right way makes this MUCH easier, so I’d advise saving this run as a late-game challenge. I don’t have a trick for the item wheel, but you can retry it infinite times by closing & restarting the game the moment you land on the wrong thing. It’s cheesy but with patience and luck it can be a fun one!

  2. Hello, thanks for the guide! I’m currently at the first dungeon and still did not manage to somewhat master the spinning wheel for the weapon. Is there some trick, timing when you need to stop? I still don’t see a pattern in what I’m doing and when the wheel will stop… it’s hard to get the timing right!

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