Darkness Under My Bed – All Doll Solves + Ending

How to solve the dolls and get the ending.


This guide is a video walkthrough of the game’s second and final part towards the ending: Solving all of the dolls.

If you just want to reach the end without bothering with extra achievements, or if you’re stuck at one part for a specific doll and want to see quickly where to go, this walkthrough should prove useful for you.

Important note: If you are trying to get achievements. Be warned that some achievements are impossible to complete once certain dolls are solved.


The file I used for the video is a file with all memories already unlocked.

Details on how to do that in the Memories Guide.

This was not my most optimized run, but I solved one doll at a time to reduce confusion in the puzzles and to allow jumping into the timestamp of a specific doll and not miss an important item you would need to collect for it.


  • 0:00​ Kate (Quiet doll)
  • 8:45​ Ella (Sick doll)
  • 13:47​ Sarah (Starving doll)
  • 27:02​ Elizabeth (Blind doll)
  • 41:52​ Zoey (Dirty doll)
  • 48:56​ Tony (Heartless doll)
  • 52:59​ Anna (Final doll)
  • 54:27​ Ending
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