Deathgarden: Bloodharvest – How to Win 95% of Games as the Stalker Hunter (Guide)


If you follow this guide, then you can expect games like these:

Obviously not all games will be like this, but majority will.

The best Perks that Work for Me

I pick Lucky charm because it is really nice to get extra Power Core for deploying drones, because they are super important in my eyes.

I also pick “Power Shock” to increase shock damage, because for example at lvl 6, it gives me +60% shock damage… that is huge, because i use it on every scavenger i can find.

Optional perk here is “Stunning”, instead of “Lucky Charm”, to decrease cooldown on shock.

For the gun, its personal preference. I use semi auto sniper, because its really hard to hit anything with bolt action. My play style is on the go at all times.

Early Game

At the beginning when im still at the ship, I try to spot any Power cores. See screenshot bellow, you can see one in bottom. And when ship opens, I go directly there. 

  • Power cores outline is like a box.
  • Ammo crate outline is like a narrow box.
  • And health crates are round.

In case i cannot see any power cores through the window of the ship, then i usually overcharge and jump in the middle of the map and go from there.

After i pick one or two power cores, i go directly to first blood deposit and activate the drone. I also make sure i pick at least 1 Ammo crate.

Then i go to other 2 blood deposits and activate drones there also.

Also each time you pick up power core or ammo crate, stay next to it for a second longer, so that you booby trap it. If scavenger triggers it, it will outline him in red.

How do i travel fast across the map?

  • Hold sprint.
  • Turn on overdrive (left alt).
  • And jump.

and you will cover a lot of ground at once. Dont forget to turn off (left alt) once you land.

After i activate at least 1 drone near all 3 blood deposits, then i go around and activate other drones near good locations, usually next to blood deposits or blood harvesters.

Mid Game

You should be looking at the sky on regular basis and be paying attention to glowing red sky, and sound effects that tell you scavenger is depositing blood.

Fast travel to there, and pop your Fade ability (F), a few seconds before you reach them, so that they will not expect you…

Then you use Shock (Q), and then you try to finish them off with assault rifle.

If they are good, they will get away, you can chase them with overdrive (left alt), but disable it once you catch on to them, otherwise they will easily juke you because you are too fast with too narrow field of view.

In case they do get away, no big deal… what you can do is stop and stand still for a couple of seconds and look into direction you think they went, and sometimes you can catch them moving because their adrenaline is pumping and quite a lot of people dont stop when they should 🙂

After that, collect some more power cores and ammo, and rinse and repeat…

When golden crate spawns, no matter what you are doing, fast travel to it ASAP. it will give you unlimited overdrive, and i use that time to collect as many power cores as possible, I dont even engage scavengers, I only collect power cores, and when gold crate runs out, I go and deploy drones, I usually end up with AT LEAST 5 power cores after overdrive finishes.

Also pay attention to distinctive sound effect that tells you that scavenger is in front of you. Quite a few times I dont even know they are in front of me, and I hear that sound, and then i pay real good attention and spot them.

Also another tip: Dont fast travel too much, because you will just miss all the scavengers if you blast past them all the time. A lot of time im just using regular sprinting to move around.

Late Game

If its going easy for me, then I dont execute scavengers, but let them get up so that i get more points… If its going hard for me, then i execute ASAP.

Nice points right? 🙂

When i play, scavengers never get to deposit full blood. Gates always open because of timer, in the event that i cant find last two scavengers, or because i kill all four.

In late game, you should have only 2 survivors left. And you should have a lot of drones up, so their movement is severely restricted and you can hear where on the map they are shooting down your drones. And also when you are close, you should look for their tracers from bolts.

Then in a perfect scenario, i try to down 1 scavenger, and deny him any healing crates around him. But i do not execute him.

The last scavenger will almost always try to resurrect him, so he will be close to that downed scavenger. And remember, his movement will be severely limited due to all the drones.

So i just try to setup an ambush to also down the last scavenger when he tries to revive. I do this, so that no scavenger will run for the doors. They will both be downed and then you execute both.

If that plan doesnt work out, then you will have to hunt last scavenger when he runs to the gates. What i do is I position myself in middle of the map between both gates, and i try to have full overcharge. as soon as last scavenger is detected, i fast travel to cut him off. It works in 50% of cases… but yeah, sometimes one gets away 🙂

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