DOOM (1993) – Emulation / Random Movement Fix

If you experience random uncontrollable movement when running an (exe.) file in DOSBox it is most likely caused by mouse controlled movement, so let’s turn that off.


Since the mouse cursor is not active while using the DOSbox, we’ll need to turn it off manually.

This is done by:

  • Locating your Zip. of the game that has the issue.
  • Unpack the Zip. so you can edit content inside
  • Find the Config file, open it with notepad
  • CTRL+F – Search for a line that include “mouse” (or something hinting at mouse movement)
  • Change the “1” to a “0”
  • ReZip it, done.

Example: DOOM (1993)

I will use the steam version of DOOM (1993) since it’s one of the games that looks for mouse-control by default.

This guide will go over how to import the DOOM game from a steam download into libretro in Tower and how to fix the movement.

  1. Download Doom
  2. Locate DOOM files on your local disk
  3. Copy the “base” folder (the “base” folder is the game in this case)
  4. Paste to “D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower\Libretro\Roms\DOSBox”
  5. Open “base” and locate the config files (CFG.)

In the case of DOOM (1993), game settings are stored in a config file called “MOUSE” – Open this with Notepad.

  1. Search the file (CTRL+F) for hints of mouse controls. (start with just typing “mouse”)

In this file we find a line stating “use_mouse 1” change that to “use_mouse 0” and save.

  1. Rename the game’ folder from “Base” to “DOOM” (optional)
  2. Compress the “DOOM” folder to Zip.

DOOM should be playable from this point on.

Created by TradoTheOne

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