Lewd Cell – General Guide

Game interface, cheats and gameplay.

Guide to Basics

Cheat Codes

  • Button “i” = add exp in game.
  • Button “u” = press unlocks an animation in main menu.
  • Button “Delete” = Delete all gallery in main menu.

Map Info

In-game important points are available on the map.

You can open Map tab with “M” key.

Mobs & Bosses Fights & Puzzles

Slimes can’t take damage from lasers. Use the kicks.

Armored enemies can’t take damage from standart laser attack. Use kicks or charging shots.

Energy gates: These gates do not allow organic matter to pass through. Overcome the obstacle by shooting buttons or explosives with your gun.

Biomass: This boss is just a joke.

Stone Heart: Find and explode the energy cores around to kill the boss. You can now damage the boss. Repeat this situation three times.

Tentacle Worm: Press the buttons on the lower right and upper left floors for the third boss. Then activate the gas stations and shoot the gas leaking from above with your laser gun. Go down and shoot the unconscious boss in the eye.

Stone Puppet: Press the bottom left button and make the boss jump up and the explosive barrel will drop. Shoot the barrel that falls next to the boss with your gun.

Holo: Try to destroy the circuits powering the boss.

Maggot Queen: Kill the boss’s minions and make the shield fall. Then you can kill the boss.

Created by Ainz

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