DOOM 3 – Locker Codes

All locker codes for DOOM 3 in order.

Storage Locker Combinations

Locker NumberCodeMap Containing Locker
23531Energy Stabilization Unit
13586Alpha Labs Hallway
9752EPD Lab
38409MFS Compressor
39102Coolant Control Junction
47123Hazardous Materials Lift
48123Coolant Monitoring
49123EFR Staging Room 1B
64651EFR Master Valve
63972Power Access Core
054 (#1)246Security Office
3483Monorail Access
054 (#2)142Boarding Platform
3483Monorail Access
054 (#2)142Boarding Platform
78364Delta Checkpoint Storage
79364Delta Checkpoint Storage
112538Records Office
116972Delta Security
114715Operations Server Room
103259Maintenance Corridor
216624Specimen Research Lab
217624Specimen Research Lab
213371Stasis Transfer Control
666372Analysis Control
386836T1 Access
387836T1 Access
317841Terminal Office Storage
104579Delta 4 Security
452571Entrance Checkpoint
669468Lab A Upper Floors

Other Codes

LocationCodeMap Containing Other Code
Failure Code for Operations Terminal842Energy Processing
Weapons Storage (Marine Command)584Combat Preparation
Martian Buddy Locker #1508North Hallway
Plasma Storage Locker734Maintenance 3
Monorail Airlock Site 2 Junction 5 Airlock826Site 2 Boarding Platform
Storage Locker 21-D298Delta Labs Sector 1
Chief M. Abrams Office931Office M. Abrams
Storage 07 Door725Central Processing
Level 3 Access Door463Central Processing
CPU Lab A Door Access627Main Entrance Hall
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