Dwarf Fortress – How to Cloud Save

Guide to cloud saving for Steam Deck to PC and any other device.

Guide to How to Cloud Save


  • Install Dropbox on PC.
  • Make folder called GameSaves.
  • Install Dropbox on Steam Deck by going into deskstop mode, clicking discover, searching dropbox.
  • Try signing in, if it hangs on starting open Console and type:
systemctl restart --user xdg-desktop-portal

Try signing in again, it should open firefox. I signed in and it hung on the sign in page, I clicked something on the dropbox page to go to account and it was signed in already so idk.

I also did the Konsole command above after trying to sign in on firefox.

Go to the Dwarf Fortress folder by right clicking on the steam library and browse local files. Right click the window and open in terminal. Then Type this into the new Console window (The first letter is a lowercase L).

  • ln -s /home/deck/Dropbox/GameSaves/save

This is the Steam Deck side done.

Go back to windows PC, open command prompt, type

mklink /J "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dwarf Fortress\save" "E:\Dropbox\GameSaves\save"

Change the paths to your paths.

It might say cannot create a file that already exists. If so delete/move/back up, your save folder in your dwarf fortress install location on steam.

For myself I wanted the save file from Steam Deck to be my main one so I backed that up in my dropbox GameSaves folder first, if you want pc save to be main one back that one up first. Or you might be able to combine them by changing the save file names.

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