EVERSPACE 2 – Beginners Tips

Beginners Tips to Make Your Life Easier

About Dampeners Off

They inherit the ship’s speed. This means boost speed also.

  • If you turn dampeners off and tap boost, you get boost speed for a while without wasting much boost energy.
  • Boost+directional key is a faster way to dodge, either with dampeners on or off.
  • Energized boost device+dampeners off makes you cross a whole area fast. But watch out where you go. If you crash into something… SPLAT!
  • Harpoon device+ dampeners off, will make you fly FAST. If you tap boost at the end of it, while drifting, you break the speed limit, even on slow ships like the gunship. Make that tank fly like a striker!

About Maximizing Perks And Gear

At level 5, Adam can choose the perk “Defensive Massacre”, that recharges shields on kill. If you activate it, and slap a shieldST on the ship, you get a big shield with fast charge. Just kill a drone, and presto, recharging.

At level 10, Adam can activate the “Play it Safe” perk, that stacks 4 charges of Reactive Armor, when you activate a device, negating the damage of the next 4 impacts for 5.0s. The effect stacks.

  • This means fast recharging devices like teleport and harpoon will grant you temporary immunity after each activation.
  • Ships like the stinger can offer even faster cooldown time.
  • The corrosion device has a mastery that grants instant recharge on kill – if you kill the corrosion target while the effect is active, corrosion will recharge again.
  • Guess how the pros have managed to complete 2000 lunacy rifts? Yes, by abusing this feature.

At level 15, Adam can activate the perk “Crit Happens”, that makes Critical hits have a 30% chance to create an explosion impact that damages the target and nearby enemies for 50% of the damage.

  • If you pimp a ship with gear that increases precision, you raise the critical chance so much, that fast firing weapons like auto-cannon or beam laser become crowd killers.
  • Drone carriers, bombers, outlaw destroyers… any ship that relies on drones around itself will be quickly deprived of support.

At level 20, Adam can choose the “Unyielding Assault”-Activating the ULT instantly repairs 50% of armor and removes all debuffs.

  • If you go to Drake system, enemies there cause overheat/freeze constantly. You can use the ult to remove these debufs and restore armor by tapping it. The ult will recharge in no time, and you get to tap it again, and again, and again…

Also, at level 20, if you go for “Critical Faculty” – Critical hits have a 30% chance to restore 1% ULT energy.

  • The previous setup focused on precision stat will allow you to recharge the ULT in no time.
  • Do this with a gunship with coil turret, and watch your enemies melt.

At level 25, Adam can choose “Exploitation” – 50% increased critical hit chance when attacking enemies whose movement is impaired.

  • You can use web mines, web missiles, or a striker with the slow down target ability. Imagine how a precision based striker will fare in this. The ultimate mob killer!


Some catalysts can be paired in weapons that have another catalyst by default:

  • Mining, kinetic damage, energy damage. If you get a powerful executioner shotgun, don’t drop the chance to slap it with an extra kinetic damage catalyst. ULTRA damage!
  • Despite the Flak being able to mine minerals with 1 shot, the mining laser with mining catalyst has the greatest chance of mining rare minerals. If you find a sustained beam laser, slap a mining catalyst in it. You’ll get a mining laser that lasts forever (only while mining, though)
  • Swift catalyst is the one that allows auto-cannons and sniper guns to override the charge up time, making them fire sooner.
  • Nothing lasts against a starforged powerful bloodstar decimator + kinetic damage catalyst.

Gameplay Tips

  • Don’t sell liquor right away. You’ll need it to unlock perks for Elek (Adam’s crazy pirate furry friend).
  • Same with an equalizer. If you find one, send it to storage. You’ll need one for Elek too.
  • On the quest where you have to pursue Maddocks in an asteroid enemy-filled area, before reaching Maddocks waypoint and triggering his script, take some time to clear out the asteroids first. You’ll thank me later.
  • The Vanguard is not a ♥ ship. It has extra shield power if you fly with dampeners off+ boost tap, and its ULT- slow motion – may allow you to solve the nasty puzzles easily.
  • In the mission where you need to hack some terminals, and wait for the HIVE to do it, if you get too far while fighting, the hack fails and you need to restart again. Find a hole. Camp there, with thermo gun, corrosion device, and anihilator virus device. Target the closest enemy, and unleash hell from cover.

Note: You can also read the Performance / FPS guide if you are experiencing technical problems and bugs in the EVERSPACE 2.

How to Update the Store Ships

Every 7 minutes or so one of the ships at a given shop is randomly replaced with another ship.

Later on a companion perk will allow you to re-shuffle or re-roll all the ships on offer at a given vendor, but this ability has a 10 minute cooldown approximately, so it can’t be spammed.

Also, the tier of the ships on offer cannot exceed the tier of your current ship by too much, so if you’re shopping with your starting tier I ship, then you’ll mostly see tier I, I+ and maybe a tier II here and there.

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