Evil West – Man of People Nest 4/5 Workaround (Mission 11)

Man of People Nest 4/5 Workaround

The dev team is actively looking into this Man of People issue.

For now, they have found a way to at least get you out of this blocking situation on PC:

  1. Close Evil West and download this save file (expired link, see UPD 2).
  2. Right click on Evil West in Steam, enter Properties, and untick the Steam Cloud Save in General
  3. In your windows taskbar, enter %LOCALAPPDATA%
  4. Head over to HighMoon > Saved > SaveGames > * bunch-of-numbers *
  5. Replace the PlayerStateSave.sav with the downloaded file

And you should be good to go!

Please note though, perks and upgrades will need to be bought again, but you should have all the necessary gold and perk points to do so.

UPD: Dev team has identified where the issue is coming from, destroying each nest after their respective fights and not quitting to Main Menu in between should prevent the issue!

Devs are doing their utmost to fix it, and in the meantime the solution above still works for players that have encountered this.

UPD 2: The update devs launched on 01/12/2022 has granted players access to the mission reload feature, if your save file happens to still be stuck on this problem, this should do the trick!

To do so:

  1. Enter the mission.
  2. Press pause and go to the “Lore” tab.
  3. Select Man of the People and press “Restart Mission”.

This works on all platforms!

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