F1 Manager 2022 – Generic Setups for All Tracks

Generic Setups for All Tracks, for manual tweakers.

Setups and Corresponding Values

This guide is for those who want to figure out setups themselves.

TrackFront AngleRear AngleAnti-RollTyre CamberToe-Out
Sakhir, Bahrain4116:04-3.40°0.50°
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia7.5119:01-3.45°0.05°
Melbourne, Australia8137:03-3.10°0.55°
Imola, Italy(Emilia-Romagna)6.512.54:06-3.50°0.05°
Miami,United States8.513.53:07-3.25°0.15°
Catalunya, Spain8.5147:03-3.30°0.80°
Monte Carlo, Monaco10168:02-3.35°0.85°
Baku, Azerbaijan2.510.53:07-2.80°0.70°
Montréal, Canada4.5122:08-3.05°0.65°
Silverstone,Great Britain611.59:01-3.20°0.35°
Spielberg, Austria5.513.52:08-2.95°0.45°
Paul Ricard, France611.54:06-3.25°0.35°
Hungaroring, Hungary10152:08-2.95°0.45°
Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium39.54:06-3.35°0.65°
Zandvoort, Netherlands9.513.56:04-3.20°0.75°
Monza, Italy192:08-3.00°0.85°
Marina Bay, Singapore7.515.58:02-2.75°0.90°
Suzuka, Japan7135:05-3.45°0.00°
Austin,United States8.5132:08-3.40°0.40°
Mexico City, Mexico6.5132:08-3.50°0.50°
Interlagos, Brazil7132:08-3.30°0.40°
Yas Marina, UAE512.54:06-3.20°0.70°

These setups could easily achieve 90%+ confidence levels for most drivers.

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Setup confidence vs setup?

  • Setup confidence is worth about .05 seconds per lap (it’s 9 of the 15)
  • Setup itself is worth about 1 second in total (.1 per 10%)

Setup>Confidence. It’s better to lose that confidence if you’re sure you’re improving the setup even by 5%. If you get 0/9 setup bonus, you only lose .05 per lap, if you are actually improving the setup by 10% (even though you won’t be able to tell for certain), that’s a .1 second gain. The confidence value only applies to the bonus points of skill, the setup is the setup whether they’re confident in it or not.

Setup confidence amount to 9/15 of the stat point gains, 9 stat points is about 1 overall point, 2 overall points equates to ~.1 second per lap. That’s how it comes to .05.

You get XP weekly in addition to races, up to 500 per week with maxxed out Race Sim (2500 for reserve driver), it looks to be about 3000 points per stat point. You should get ~1000 or so per race. So some math says 20k from races (rounding down a bit), 20-26k from weekly gains (sponsors obligations can drain some of this), if you’re working your reserve driver, they should get over 100k. So math says about 1.5 overall rating gain a year for main drivers, and about 4 for reserve.

How setup confidence works?

In the Window where you do the Setup, there are the seting, Oversteer, Traction, Top speed, etc. Somwhere between Maximum and minimum is a highlited area. The “Range” where the optimum is, somewehere there.

At first these Ranges that are marked are the POSSIBLE optimum Values. Basicly you come from Simulating and Testing in the Simulator on the Track and now have to check how well this fits “on the Real track”

My tip would be, try to go with the setup at the extremes of these marked ranges, then let your driver go on track. He has to drive roughly 25 minutes, depending on a value of your engineer of the driver a bit more or a bit less. Your driver will get setup Knowledge. Value goes up to 5, always try to get full knowledge of 5 before you pit at first.

Then, when you enter the pits, the highlighted areas become smaller and you get a result ( good, Bad, great, etc )

Diffrent settings affect diffrent areas, when you hover over Rear wing, for example, what it changes is highlighted. As an example, changing the rear wing has an effect on oversteer and top speed, if i remember correct.

Every stint, the ranges become smaller and smaller everytime you get knowledge. 1/5 is only 1 Area got knowledge, 5/5 you gaines knowledge in all areas and all Ranges get smaller.

The white MARKER on that line is “Last setting” the Green Marker means, this was the Value of your “Best overall Setup” Not the best Value for this line. Lets say, you have a 30% setup, then the green markers only tell you, this was the Value for the 30% setup. when % increase, the Green markes change. Maybe next setup is 50%, for example, then, the green markers switch places to tell you, these where the Values for the 50%, because your best setup is now 50%. Green Markers only show the Position for the best setup you have untill now.

You need to hit at least good in every line, Traction, oversteer etc. to improve Setup % Value.

You need a value of 95% – 96% to get the best result.

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  1. Hi there.
    I have try so many hours on this track (Nederland) and only Max Verstappen is fine.
    But Sergio Perez is very hard. Here is the 2 option i have as the best option.
    1: 10.0 – 13.5 – 6.4 – 3.10 – 0.65 (Oversteering is only good and the rest is optimal)
    2: 9.5 – 13.5 – 6.4 – 3.20 – 0.75 (Cornering is good the rest is optimal)
    So how can i get all on optimal.

  2. Hello,
    I have a question. It is possible to know how dou you have calculated de distincts values of oversteer, braking, cornering, traction and straight?
    I am doing my final degree project about a F1 simulator and it could be interesting to know dis value.
    Big thanks!

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