Fable Anniversary – Easier EXP

An easier method for maxing out your physical attributes.

EXP Guide

Okay, so everyone’s heard of the beat up the guy that makes you look stupid in Bowerstone exploit. But what if i told you that there’s an easier way to collect EXP just as early and you don’t have to worry about the evil points that go along with it? sound good? well here we go.

Once you’ve completed your training and get out into the world of Albion head to Bowerstone and wait for night time. In Bowerstone Quay there is the ring of fist fighters, pick one on far side of the ring and start whaling on him with your fists. you should now be gaining Strength (red) EXP while also not gaining evil points.

If you continue like this for 1-3 hours you should gain enough red EXP to max out your hero’s physical attributes. also at this time you should eat any apple pies, carrots or fish in your inventory, as they provide General, Skill and Will EXP respectively and are affected by the combat multiplier

I suggest doing the money exploit before the EXP exploit so that you can buy these items to use at the beginning of the game

Created by church1986

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