The Isle – Tenontosaurus / Guide to Grow, Nest and Survive

This is a guide to grow, nest, and survive as your tenontosaurus. Things that will be mentioned is a route to follow to gather the PERFECT diet, the controls and how-to of nesting, and what you need to do to survive.

Route and Guide to Adulthood

When writing this I am sitting in a bush right next to swamp with a perfect diet, 64% while 1 hour and 19 minutes into my current session as a tenontosaurus. I really wanted to share my route and explain flags that you should do to avoid or promote while trying to grow to adult.

First, you want to focus on spawning in North West. Or NW. If you’re in a large server this will be one of the hot spots for carnos, deinos, or utahs. I suggest going around utah rock before crossing closer through the plains to get to shallows. Be wary, you’re a fast teno and you barely lose any stamina so take the chances you get.

But for when you spawn, you need to locate radishes. They are one of the farthest ones you can obtain, and you want to stock up on it as much as you can. I usually fill up my hunger bar before setting off. Water isn’t a problem, do not try to drink at the river.

Second, you’re now at shallows. Where do you go from here? You want to go the opposite way of the end of shallows until you see something like a mud path. You want to follow that all the way down to the second river. There you can drink and cross the river safely.

What now? Go down, south. You want to make sure to starve yourself so you can eat ash as soon as you get there. If you somehow end up on the coast with a beach and an ocean, that’s not where you should’ve gone. If you see a dam and weird yellow-ish green grass poking up, that’s where you’re supposed to be.

There, you now know the route and where to go as of late.

Now you can just chillax at Swamp and eat potatoes and ash until you’re full-grown.

Stranger Danger

The problem we all knew we didn’t want.

Speaking discloses your location and makes you vulrenable to those that can hunt you, and possibly kill you. Being wary of your surroundings is key. If you find a 3+ teno group, they can probably protect you from harm. But the problem is on where they are going and where you are going.

If you are still a juvi-sub you need to stay stationed at swamp for your safety and for your survival. Leaving contradicts your diet and doesn’t help you in the long run.

There are some carnivores that periodically check swamp for herbivores, mostly tenos as their diet is native there, but you shouldn’t be afraid. Most deinos are baby-sized, or either sub. Adults should occasionally go up-stream which is why I recommend not drinking at the river.

If you are a full-grown adult, I can say you have a pretty fair chance. I still suggest sitting by swamp and waiting since if you were attacked by two carnos you’d most likely die.

Groups are the best way of protection as a teno, strength in numbers is a great line to emphasize this.

When getting with a group, make sure that your ideals are the same as them or they are just wandering someplace which is also fine.

Courting, Nesting and Raising

Find that teno that just really wants you to have kids? Yeah, let’s go.

To begin the courting process you have to face each other and hold down N. After a few moments, check your status report and see if you are paired to the one you are courting. If you are, you are able to go and place a nest wherever you want as a teno.

The goals you want is to be able to cover two diets.

The combos you can cover when placing a nest:

  • Radish, Potatoes
  • Mtn. Ash, Potatoes

I mostly recommend Mtn. Ash and Potatoes because that’s down by swamp, and a lot easier to get to. As an adult teno, not many deinos would attack you if you’re accompanied by a large group. So when nesting have about 2-3 tenos with you so you still have enough slots to nest.

When building the nest, the father can help and support you as your build it where you want. Please make sure to not get too close to water, nor stay in a densely forested area because the kids who don’t know where they are will get confused and be unable to recognize where they are.

Once the nest is placed, I believe you will have a full-house on average or less than that. Either way, you’ll want to keep the eggs warm because there will be an indicator saying when they’re too cold or too hot.

When the eggs are ready people can request to be birthed in, you will have to accept for them to be birthed in as your child.

Feeding your kids is a bit of a hassle. Whenever you have your own, get them out of the nest immediately and feed them. Tell them to press F and you can feed them that way. It’s a throwing-up process, but you get the point.

After that, it’s a waiting game until they’re grown up.

Immediately the kids will be added to your group when they are newborns, when they hit juvi though that’s when they’ll get kicked if there is not enough room within the group for them.

Be wary, and take care of your kids. After that it’s just exactly what you did.

Survival Of The Fittest

Now you’re either done having little tenos running around or you left the server and came back another time. Now you’re back, all alone and with no idea where to go.

First question is: diet. Diet gives you boosts, health regen, everything. You want to focus on keeping your diet up so that your teno is healthy and ready for battle.

Second question: how far away is where you need to go? If it’s far, stock up on food and water so you don’t have to worry about it later whenever you’re still travelling. Going off-course is terrible for navigational standards.

Continuing, is it a full or small server? Many carnivores will broadcast their whereabouts on a full server because there’s so many people that it doesn’t matter, plus in a pack they can take down whoever they want. Small servers instead have silent killers who are mostly by themselves trying to hunt.

Avoid any unusual calls.

At fg you can take on some things, but you should still try to meet up with a group to travel with. You can also take care of that random juvie teno you ran into recently.

If you’re bored, and everything is full then really I suggest exploring, going someplace you haven’t yet or sitting down in a bush doing something else.

Some redflags…

  • 3+ raptors.
  • 2+ carnos.
  • 1+ fg deino

I’m not the combat instructor, so please bear with me.

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