Fallout 4 – Money Making Guide

In this guide you may find a few tricks you didn’t know already. Alternatively you may already know this stuff and are wasting your time by going any further. Only one way to find out so let’s go.


For this one, if you build your settlements up, keep your peasants happy and employed, set up a trading post and build all maximum level stores then you’ll find your settlements will start to make money on their own. The better you do and the more you invest in your people, the more you’ll see as a return.

Just make sure you have everyone armed and defences in place cos your settlements will get attacked more cos you’re about to have a ♥♥♥ of resources…

Trading Posts

Great idea to setup one in each settlement. Here you can catch traders like Carla or the Doc occasionally but if you’re like me and do alot of settlement building for extended periods, at times I’ve had all traders standing there at once. This is a good opportunity to sell off your crap and buy materials.


Gardening can be nice and relaxing both in game and in RL. If RL’s not your thing then plant the crap out of all your mutfruits and melons etc. This can be done in artificial soil under the resources section of your building mode or in the dirt.

I’ve noticed that if you build a structure over the dirt which causes constant shadow, unless you allso add overhead growing lights the, nothing’s gonna grow.

I do a run from settlement to settlement and harvest everything as I go (inc purified water and caps from the workbenches). When you’ve loaded up, sell them at your stores (or plant more stuff then sell the next bigger crop).

Settlement Stores

These are great but you really do need to go all out and construct the largest stores you can afford. Please note, to build the stores you will need caps to start with because you’re not just the builder, you’re also an investor.

If you do go all the way, they’ll carry more crap but they also carry more caps and the more they have, the more you can sell. Also, the more caps your settlements just happen to earn for you over time. Free money is the best money so be sure to check your workbenches or crafting stations for this!

Purified Water

Yeah, may have heard of this one already but if you go all out in a couple of places, it’s worth it.

When you get junk for building, drop it in camp, go to build mode and scrap them manually. You not only get more resources from them to build purifiers but pretty sure it also somehow allows you to build more stuff too! (same as dropping stuff+build mode+store in workbench) If you scrap your junk this way then you’ll be more efficient at building water purifiers and netting more money.

There are a few different types of water-plant.

The manual pump is aesthetically pleasing as a garden ornament but that’s about it.

The water-based pump – good but requires power and a body of water. It will somehow work in the puddle at the Starlight Drive-in but is otherwise one for river-based or beachside settlements.

The water plant – forget what they’re called in game but they are excellent to use cos they don’t need to be in water. They do have to be in dirt but yeah, probs alot more practical and alot less of an eyesore than the water-based ones.

I did this before they introduced the land-based water pump machines but I loaded the river outside Sanctuary and now whenever I go there I net myself over 600 units of purified water, which is like I dunno, 8 grand in caps or something ridiculous.


Build a meth lab, stock up on fertiliser and plastic then start cooking up Jet.

Jet gives you a good return but if you mix it with Flamer Fuel, you get Jet Fuel and that’s some good ♥♥♥! Not only does it let your action points refresh mad quickly, not only do you earn XP from producing it, when you sell it you’ll get you more caps than Jet will on its own.

Bleedin’ Beartraps!

Bleeding Bear Traps… I read a reply to another guide from someone named Rider who said you can get 100 caps each for these things! I rekn that’s a good one so I’m gonna go and make some of my own! You’ll get XP for this as well so if you’ve got it – I think it’s Squirrel Stew that gives you +2% XP for an hour or so – take it and get crafting!

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