Fallout: New Vegas – The Brotherhood of Steel’s Options for Each Faction

Siding with Mr. House

You really don’t have many good options for them, to be honest. Unfortunately, if you side with Mr. House, you have to blow up the bunker or kill every single one of them; it doesn’t really matter who you put in charge of the Brotherhood of Steel or what you choose.

This is because Mr. House will not put up with the Brotherhood of Steel’s presence because he views them as a danger to his intentions for the Mojave.

As a result, there aren’t many possibilities for their survival or a calm conclusion because their fate has already been decided if you side with him.

Siding with Legion

Unfortunately, you are still unable to make good choices for the Brotherhood of Steel even if you choose to side with Legion. Either murder every one of them or blow up their bunker in the secret valley.

Given the powerful influence and abundance of resources possessed by the Brotherhood of Steel, this is a tough choice to make.

But supporting Legion also means putting their objectives first and removing any obstacles to their authority.

Siding with Yes Man

And last, if you choose to go with Yes Man, you might feel good about yourself. You still have the option of killing them all or to not consider them a threat and allow them to survive.

Yes Man provides the chance to empower the people of New Vegas and effect positive change. By taking this route, you can influence the city’s and its residents’ futures and promote harmony and advancement.

It’s an opportunity to adopt a kinder mindset, eschewing needless bloodshed and welcoming a new era of development and collaboration.

Siding with NCR

This is when the exciting part starts. You can now form an alliance with the Brotherhood of Steel and the NCR, but only if McNamara remains in command.

You have to kill them all if Hardin is in command. By the way, you lose some NCR fame when you form an alliance with Brotherhood of Steel, but it’s not that big of a deal.

Since it influences the game’s final result, the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel’s decision to join an alliance becomes vital.

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