Software Inc. – Impossible Difficulty Guide

Instructions on how to succeed on impossible.

Character Start


Fast Learner, Capacitor, 2 negatives to compensate (I choose slow walker, and rainy day)


  • Development – System – 3 star – doesn’t matter what else you pick
  • Same with programming – System 3 star.

Put 2 points into support, everything else doesn’t matter.

Pick Empty Plot for the start location (Map)

Design a small building – 4×4 squares.

In the building you’ll need:

  • Electric Heater
  • Desk, Computer, Chair
  • Desk, Server
  • 4 Bookshelves.
  • Clock

Whatever else you can fit to boost mood – carpet, pictures, etc. Try to get the effectiveness of your CEO to 112%. You can click on him to see this.

Antivirus Start

You’re going to develop an antivirus software.

The reason for this is you can design it not using any ART!

So choose antivirus.

Choose all four of the top option –

Set release date to January 1982.

By March 1981 finish your development. Switch to Programming until it’s finished/close to finished then switch to full release (skip bug fixing) on release date.

Maintenance of Software

Your CEO can handle everything.

He will handle the tickets, the marketing (set marketing to 1200 dollars) and continue updating the software using the update button.

You are are in a race against time. The real money only comes once your reputation increases with antivirus and only during that period. So we’re not going to start another antivirus software until this one pays us enough money.

Once a few of tech upgrades occur (system upgrade) you will eventually upgrade your rep and get money from the software. Stay the course with just your CEO until you’re making 30k+ a month then hire one support person to handle the tickets. Create a room for him next door, and a bathroom.

Created by Sweaty Gopher

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