RimWorld – Starting Colonists

Tips for Starting Colonists

I generally roll about ten times before I get three good-enough pawns.

Here’s what I look for, more or less in this order:

  1. No health conditions besides scars
  2. No deal-breaking traits (depressive, body purist, etc.) or incapable of hauling
  3. More positive traits than neutral or negative ones
  4. A double-passion in an all-day job (construction, planting, cooking, crafting, researching)”
    5, Single passions such that most of the skills are covered, if possible.
  5. I don’t worry too much about skill levels. Higher is better, but it doesn’t matter as much as passions (passions are the key to keeping moods high and learning fast).

Generally I get most (most) of these satisfied enough in about ten rolls.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Make sure you don’t have a single pawn covering by too many jobs or you’ll end up working them into mental breaks.

In the first couple of seasons you’ll do a lot more construction and tree cutting/planting than anything else (dependi on map). If you have to you can do without good researchers, crafters, miners, and animal handlers, but not at least one constructor and one planter.

A double passion in an all-day job will keep most pawns from breaking.

Tribal start gives you five staring pawns. Although your research is slower and you have to research the basics, five pawns makes it easy to get all the skills covered.

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  1. For your three pawns to keep it short as possible I am sure everyone probably said but what I look for is simple.

    High medical skill on one pawn at least level 6

    Another pawn needs to have high plants skill to be able to chop the plants and grow the crops fast early to get wood for walls as well.

    The next is to have someone with a min skill of 3 construction to be able to build wood traps in a narrow hallway to keep everyone safe from threats.

    If you build a containing wall with a narrow entry full of traps and doors to access the traps you dont need to worry about much in terms of threats as they will al path through the traps until you get higher wealth.

    You can even neglect decent cooking skill and not have to worry about food poisoning since you are so safe but also try get someone with decent cooking so you dont have to deal with that and you should be golden.

    The rest will be getting researched in time or caravan to get the tools you need to deal with future threats.

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