Steam Engine Simulator – How to Get Up to 4684 RPM

This is a guide on how to get the fastest RPM you can achieve

Getting to “Hell” Mode

  • Open the game as usual.
  • Spam click on the A icon on the bottom right corner until your whole game changes color and visual.
  • You are now in hell mode.

Getting the Engine Started and Choosing the Best Options

  • Press H to bring up the Information tab (and C if you need it).
  • Hold N and use your scroll wheel to reduce the Quality to the lowest possible option (11.1%)
  • Set the throttle to 59%
  • Set the heat to 100%
  • Open the water valve and build up pressure.
  • Get the engine started by any means.

Getting to the Top RPM

  • Now that you got your engine started lets get that top RPM.
  • Slowly reduce the water valve until your water starts to go down.
  • You can see the temperature slowly going up.
  • When the temperature gets to 300 C slowly start opening the water valve (DO NOT let the temperature go down under 300/max)(if you do accidentally let the temperature go below 300 just reduce the water valve.
  • Now that it is increasing RPM slowly increase the water valve using Shift+drag (DON’T go too fast on increasing your water valve because when you do your temp goes down and your Pressure goes down and that’s not good).
  • There you go you have gotten the top RPM.


It is going to take a lot of patience to slowly increase your water valve but you’ll get there.

Disclaimer: I currently do not know what is the top Speed you can achieve in SES , my current top speed as of writing this is 4684 RPM i will update my top speed if i do achieve a higher RPM.

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