Feed and Grow: Fish – How to Survive in Survival Mode!

This is a guide on how to survive in the current survival mode in Feed & Grow Fish. These are just some of my tips and tricks on how to survive in these modes form my year of experience. If your one of those people who just don’t understand how to play this kind of gamemode, this is the right guide for you!


Note: Credit goes to dukegrimm

When you first spawn into the game you will start as an egg. You’ll need to spam space to continue. The game also tells you to do this.

Growing Up

After you hatch you will become a baby fish, most baby fish look the same but vary in color. Live born fish like sharks will look like miniature versions of their parents. You will most likely have another species of your kind that is a baby following you around.

This can be useful when predators are attacking and annoying when they steal your food. Above your exp bar where it tells you your level there will be something like this there instead of a single number, these could be some of the things you see; 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, or 1/5. The last number tells you what level you have to be to grow up. The first number tells you the level you are. You will need to eat small shrimp like creatures such as snails, shrimp, and crickets (I think they are crickets). If you’re on the Reef or Great Map there is also starfish to eat. On the bottom right side of your screen is your hunger meter, if the hunger meter turns white you need to stop moving. Soon a pop-up right to the hunger meter will appear with a green line around it going down. This means you’re digesting the food you ate.

Once it disappears it will either go to your Health Reserve or exp bar. If a predator targets you the game will play a sound as a warning that you’re being targeted. If the predator attacks run towards your parents if they’re a bigger fish than the predator. (If they aren’t dead) The predator attacking you will either run away or your parent will attack them. Half the time this doesn’t work on hard mode, so instead try making twists and turns and hide in small areas. Don’t worry if the predator took some of your health, the meter with the heart on the bottom left of your screen your Health Reserve will help.

If the meter has any red in it a pop-up will appear with + signs with a green meter around it, when the meter is gone it will give you some of your health back. To speed this up stay still and don’t move just like when your hunger meter is white. If you swam far from your nest travel back to it quickly, if you’re in the river map stay on the edges of the river for safety. When you eat enough and get to the level the game tells you to be you become a juvenile. (Fish with the 1/2 on there level indicator will become an adult at level 2) Now you can travel a little farther from your nest to find some fish to eat.

Make sure the fish you find are smaller and weaker then you and avoid larger ones. I suggest finding small fish that may be nearby your nest. If you’re one of the stronger fish in the map you can travel to wherever you want to find food. Stay on the edges of the map for safety, there’s always a bigger fish. If you’re a fish that has the 1/3 you’ll be an adult at level 5. If you were one with 1/4 or 1/5 you’ll be an adult at level 7.

Finding a Mate

Now that you’re an adult you need to find a mate. This should be easy if you stayed near your nest since there’ll be the same fish of your kind there.

If you were one of the fish that left your nest or your nest got wiped out by a predator here is what to do; you need to search for a spawning ground for that kind of fish. If you are a roaming predator you will need to search the map for another one of your species which could take a while, I suggest looking in places with bigger fish since you are one the bigger fishes. Now that you found a fish the same species as you that’s an adult, a pop-up should appear on the top left corner of your screen with two hearts on top of each other. When you see this you need to hold down Q.

If you do this correctly your fish should start following that other fish. If a predator attacks during this process stop holding Q and run away. A mate isn’t worth dying for. If you do this correctly you should eventually stop following that fish and the icon on the top of your screen will be replaced with another. Now you finished mating with that fish.

Laying Eggs

Now that you have mated the icon on the top left of your screen will now have orange fish eggs on it with a empty meter. This means your eggs are developing. While your eggs are developing you don’t gain any exp, it all goes to your eggs.

Now you need to eat a lot of food. When you digest the food and it doesn’t go to your health bar it will move the meter. You need to digest a lot to get the meter to full. If it didn’t move your bar when you digested food it went to your Health Reserve meter so don’t worry. Sometimes your bar will become full but you can’t lay eggs, i’m not sure if its glitched or not but don’t worry, just digest one more time and than it should work. If you get the bar full it should have a count down below it. Now you need to find a safe place with tons of food to lay eggs. (By food I don’t mean fish I mean the shrimp things) I suggest laying the eggs where you were born.

Now spam the button Q and it will lay your eggs. Now that you have layed your eggs you can get exp again. The eggs should hatch 1 minute after they were layed. Now you need to wait for them to hatch. When they hatch the icon on the top left corner of your screen will change. (again)

Rising Children

Now that your children have hatched or been born the egg icon will now have a baby fish on it, just below that is a number with the letter x. This shows how many children you have right now, if one dies or grows up the number will go down. You can press Q to send your babies commands this includes: Stay and Follow. Keep them on follow and just wander around the place you chose to give birth to them and they’ll just eat the food on their own.

Don’t try attacking other fish unless its fish that don’t attack back. If a predators threatens your babies attack them back, if they are a bigger fish than you just run away and use an escape ability if you have one. If your hunger gets to orange or red find a safe place to leave your children and tell them to stay. Then you can go out and find food without the babies taking it from you or them attracting unwanted attention. Make sure you tell you children to stay in a safe area, like shallow areas, places under logs and behind rocks.

Now you can go back get your children to tell them follow you and continue. Once they get to the juvenile/adult stage they will no longer follow you. If two or more grow up in the same place they will follow each other around if your fish is a school type of fish. They will mainly stay in the place they grew up at and only leave if there’s a predator or a fish they want to eat that’s nearby. Now you completed the life cycle of a fish, good job. Wasn’t it fun? And now you can continue to reproduce or try surviving as another fish!

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  1. I want to know feed fish and grow game when unlocking fish will save for playing next time? Or have to start over to unlock every time

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