ZERO Sievert – How to Increase Your Carry Weight

Carry More Weight

Note: Credit goes to Lockin277

Every shop in bunker is sell Bag, interect to them and switch product category on right. Category looks like white box with some symbol, like Food, Tools, Armor, Gun, Bullet, Attachment. Choose the armor category symbol, you will see they sell armor, accecories, and bag.

You can buy bag in Bar Vendor, Meds Vendor in right Sector, Green Amry Top Left Sector, and Crimson Corp Base.

To enter green army sector you must finish the second mission (kill 15 bandits and 15 wolf) in the forest then you will get acces to enter Green Army Sector in Zero Sievert, there was a vendor was sell Bag

Crimson Corp base are in Industrial area, near bottom Port Dock area. But you must pay 5000 to enter.

But you need some reputation to buy better bag, the best Bag was i’m found is in Crimson Base, they heavy (decrease speed a lot) but you can carry more.

For MULE is upgrade skill, when your Stamina skill is full you can specialisation it. There was 3 specialisation, and Mule is one of them. Mule will increase your weight capacity.

I’m using Mule and Crimson Bag, and i can carry 52 Kg in my inventory.

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