Forza Horizon 5 – How to Get 2000+ Feet (Los Jardines Danger Sign)

How to get 2000 or more feet in the Los Jardines Danger Sign. Helps with completing Seasonal Challenge.

Guide to Los Jardines Danger Sign 2k+ Feet


This guide will help you complete the Los Jardines Danger Sign Seasonal PR Stunt weekly challenge. You will need to get 2,066.9 feet (630 meters), which is quite difficult with most cars. This How-To goes over how to obtain a car that is able to get this distance reliably.

Buy the Koenigsegg Jesko 2020

Cost: 2,800,000 credits

Tip: Buy it in red. Red cars are faster.

  • Tune

Use any of the following share codes to tune the Koenigsegg.

  • 141 232 928
  • 124 941 445
  • 343 281 755
  • 160 507 812
  • 871 219 054

Starting Point

Travel to the location on the highway selected below.

The Jump

You will want to go full speed from this point to the jump. Be cautious of traffic and the last turn. It is best to take the last turn early, but avoid going in the grass.

Hit the ramp slightly to the right of center to avoid hitting any trees or houses when landing. This will prevent the car from pulling back or diving forward too much in the air.

Tip: It does take some luck to get good traffic and getting the last turn. Don’t get frustrated and keep trying. Good Luck!

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