Forza Horizon 5 – How to Get Sideways

Sideways Tips

Break em’ loose!

I like to drive manual to have full control of my vehicle.

Enter a turn with some good speed (depends on the turn ofc.) Downshift, this will increase the rpm of the engine and begin to transfer the weight from the center of the vehicle to the front. When the weight is in the front the back will become lighter and the tires will be able to break free.

Turn right to go left – Doc Hudson

Quickly shift the steering from side to side to get a good slip going, then once you are facing the way of the turn, you want to fully correct to have your car push you in the direction you want, while your front tires are keeping you going forward.

Drifting will invert your wheels.

Normal driving:

  • Rear Wheels – Front or Back
  • Front Wheels – Left or Right

Sideways driving:

  • Rear Wheels – Left or Right
  • Front Wheels – Front or Back

Have fun and practice!

Created by RyKoza

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