Valheim – How to Kill Bonemass

Bonemass Tips

  • 1) No tower, no banded, use the buckler and learn to time your parries. It will make your fight with him and your fights with everything else later much easier.
  • 2) If you don’t think you can beat him, yes, see if you can find an alternate summoning location. I typically have 3 Bonemass locations on each seed I’ve played. Prepare the arena by flattening out as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to ship in some stone.
    • 2.b) If you want to be Extra Extra prepared, I guess you could use the Spikes that need wood and corewood as well, but I’ve never tried that.
  • 3) Start the fight right at sunrise so you don’t have to deal with Wraiths. You said you deal with stuff by preparation, so I’m assuming you’re going around and clearing other mobs that may interfere (like Abominations and stuff).
  • 4) There is no 4. There is never a 4.
  • 5) Don’t be afraid to pop your Eikthyr buff for better stamina management in case you have to run away.
  • 6) It’s been mentioned, but use the skull to your advantage. If you need to recover stamina or health, or just want to deal with adds separately from Bonedaddy, run to the other side.
  • 7) Start the fight with light taps; go get one or two hits in, back up, and see how he reacts. Get your timing down, see how many attacks you can get in before you have to back up. Get into a rhythm and don’t break it if you can avoid it.
  • 8) Potions potions potions. Make sure you’ve got your Healing Meads and your Stamina meads, and of course bring your poison resist. (I used to bring a stack, even though that was overkill, but last run we all took him on in root armor which has a slightly lower innate poison resistance.)
    • 8.b) Don’t chug your potions in his face. Get a bit of ground between you, and use the skull if you have to separate.

Good luck, man. If you still have some trouble, you could look in the “Looking For Group” subforum here and ask for actual in-game assistance from other players. A lot will be happy to accommodate you.

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