FPS Chess – All Pieces Ranked

Here is every single piece ranked from worst to best.


  • 12 – Pawn

Pawn sucks. You can win some games with pawn, of course, but you either need to be a gaming god or really lucky.

  • 11 – Bishop

It’s like shiny bishop but bad! The only way to do good damage is to get nice and close. Use the bomb to launch yourself upwards and then glide right into your enemies!

  • 10 – Shiny Knight

Shiny knight really isn’t THAT bad, but I just don’t think it’s that good. Spam the ‘E’ ability and hope you kill someone. Use the shift ability to launch yourself upwards.

  • 9 – Knight

The knight is quite decent. The ‘E’ ability aimbots now, instead of the arrow spam that the shiny knight has.

  • 8 – Shiny Pawn

The throw knife ability is only good if you have amazing aim. Anyways, just spam decoys until you can get nice up close and personal to deal lots of damage.

  • 7 Shiny King

The shield BARELY works, many projectiles hit through it. Shiny queen can, so using shield is pointless. Also, you can shoot golden swords without the shield. Other than that, it’s decent and good at what it does.

  • 6 Shiny Rook

From here, all the pieces are OP. The cannon 2-shots and also blocks the entire screen if you’re lucky. You could also fortnite.

  • 5 – Shiny Queen

Rush the bookshelf and whip your enemies from afar.

  • 4 – Rook

Headshots one shot, no matter where you are. This piece is super dangerous because you can just kill anyone at any time. You could win EVERY match, regardless of what your opponent does. Grapple sucks tho.

  • 3 – Shiny Bishop

I was playing with Shiny Bishop, when I found out that if you aim at the ground while gliding, you get launched ALL the way up to the ceiling. If you do this at an angle you can fly across the room. Me and my friends call this the TNT jump.

  • 2 – Queen

Just spam bullets until your opponent dies it’s not that deep. Make sure not to hit your head on the ceiling while flying, you could get stuck.

  • 1 – King

King is underrated. You can win basically every match. Just use ‘E’ to attract people towards you by just being an absolute sigma male. If they somehow escape use the other ability to teleport onto them. Attract them even more if they escape. After that you just win.

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