Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator – Full Guide to Surviving

The full guide on surviving nights consistently by dissecting AI and using strategies from someone with all endings and has done several playthroughs without upgrades.

Surviving Guide

Motion Detection

The motion detector is very simple, it shows you when an animatronic has moved, sometimes when you open it up you’ll see nothing, this is NOT a bug. Thats because one of two things are happening..


The game works in a very weird way, animatronics are given “movement opportunities” every few seconds (cooldown between opportunities will be less and less as nights continue), everytime an opportunity becomes available the animatronic has a 1/3 chance of actually moving, if they do choose to move, then there are varying chances they can move in any direction, with a more likely chance they move sideways or towards your office, and a smaller chance they move away from you.

If you don’t see motion on your monitor, all animatronics could be failing their movement opportunities and aren’t going anywhere.

Movement opportunities cooldowns

  • Monday – 8s
  • Tuesday – 5s
  • Wednesday – 4s
  • Thursday – 3s
  • Friday – 2.5s
  • Saturday 2s


This is a real and very awful mechanic, each night every animatronic gets ONE teleport, this teleport either puts them directly in your vent, next to your vent, or across the map. The easy strat in early nights is to wait for animatronics to use their teleport (by monitoring motion and determining if its possible they could end up at another location) and then playing normally, while waiting for the TP to occur you play the game like an animatronic is always outside your vent (because it probably is).

Important note: teleporting usually isnt seen in the motion detector, note i say usually because sometimes it shows you and sometimes it doesn’t.

Lefty is special

For some odd reason lefty doesn’t teleport, players who have dove deep into the games code figured out its due to a mechanical glitch with the game not processing lefty trying to teleport.

Audio Lure

When to use

Audio lure is too heavily relied apon by players, in fact i would argue audio is the worst module of the three, since its very faulty. Audio should be used when animatronics are grouped together and can easily pull all or most of them back with an audio lure. I do not recommend using it outside of those situations.

50/50 Chance

Audio lures only have a 50% chance of actually working, you can tell if an audio lure successfully lured an animatronic by a visual and audio cue, its easier to crank your volume up and listen for the cue (since you can perform tasks while doing so) but visually you should see an icon appear wherever your audio lure is, the icon looks identical to the motion detector icon. You will also hear a very faint but high pitched retro noise, if you failed the lure, no visual icon will appear and a low pitched retro noise will play.

Actual Audio

Audio cues

There are several audio cues that play when an enemy goes into a room near or next to you, which one of 9 can play, do NOT rely on these to determine if an animatronic is in a vent next to you. Since they dont always play and can play even if they arent directly next to you.


Occasionally, you may hear voices from the animatronics (3 different lines for everybody except LEFTY) these voices play only a few times per night, and can only play if an animatronic is at least 2 rooms close to you, this means the voices can play even if they’re in the middle right/left area of the map, therefor not being a reliable way to find out if animatronics are near you.


A big mechanic throughout the game is the sound you emit from your office, this is the main way you survive / die from animatronics. This is determined by a mechanic called “sound risk”. By default, at ALL times your sound risk will at least be 10%, even with everything off, this allows animatronics to kill you if you try to AFK with everything off. By turning your computer on you increase this risk by 40%, bringing you up to 50% noise level. This is still an okay amount, its when you reach around 70% or higher animatronics will be able to hear you no matter where they are located. Also its instant death if they make it to your office. Your fan will increase noise by another 40%, so with both on you have an 90% noise level. Both printing tasks and ads will temporarily increase noise by 20% respectably.

The vent game

Once an animatronic is in your vent, the amount of noise you emit will determine if you win the interaction or not. Having a noise level of over 70% and shining a flashlight in the vent something may be lurking in will have a random chance of causing them to flee or murder you, if they DO end up fleeing it will be 2 rooms down (the bottom left or bottom right corner of the map). Where they will come back so long as they hear you.

If you only have a 10% noise level, you also have a random chance of winning an interaction WITHOUT needing to shine a light in the vents. But if you do have 10% noise and shine a light on an enemy, they will retreat all the way to their starting point. Which is why its important to have everything off when dealing with vent interactions.

How long to shine for?

Also important to note, you only need to shine flashlights in the vents for 5 seconds before an interaction is won/lost.

Silent Ventilation

Temperature mechanics

To lose the game via temperature, you need to hit 120F, to avoid that you obviously want to keep it cool in your office, turning off your fan but leaving your computer on will raise the temperature by 1 degree per second, if left off for a long amount of time this will ramp up, causing it to heat up by 1.5 degrees per second.

If you turn both the computer and fan off you gain 0.5 degrees per second before ramping up to the usual +1 degrees per second.

Silent ventilation can decrease the temperature on its own by 0.5 per second if the temperature reaches above 70 degrees, cooling down your office much quickly when combined with the actual fan, decreasing the temp by 1.25 degrees before ramping up to 1.5 degrees per seconds.

Why use it?

Mainly because its a great thing to throw on while dealing with vent interactions, since you can turn your fan off and win vent fights while also having silent ventilation prevent overheating in your office, this module only gets better and better as you go through the nights, since you’ll be cornered more often. It’s an insanely good tool for keeping animatronics off your butt.

Used to be even better

If playing on older versions of FNAF 6, silent ventilation would still work even with ads, turning off your computer, ect. So long the module was on. If you want easy wins try switching to an older version of fnaf 6 and trying it yourself.

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