Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator – How to Beat Every Office Segments

Having trouble with those perky animatronics? This guide is perfect for you! This goes over everything you need to know to pass each night without it being too hard. Have a good read!

Optimal Office

Note: Credit goes to Random

The most important part of Pizzaria Simulator is to have the best equipement for your office. It may seem like a lot of money to throw away, but trust me it’s better than not being able to do any tasks for 5 minutes each time.

I suggest you buy all three office upgrades because it makes it way easier.

It makes all three types of tasks quicker and, except for the printer, quieter.

I suggest avoiding taking adverts for your office. I have been able to complete the game with 1 ad but each ad makes the nights tremendously difficult.

Before Doing Your Tasks

The start of a night will depend on two factors

  1. Where the animatronics spawn
  2. Where you put the audio decoy

The only tool you will need to use at all time is the audio decoy.

At the start, use your audio in the middle line far to the right and far to the left (see screenshots. They will determine where most of the animatronics are and where you should put your audio. The side where there is the most animatronics is the side that you should put your audio. The audio acts like a magnet. If you have good spawns, you might not even have to worry about the vent on the side you put the audio. Your victory only depends on where they spawn. Do not move your audio at any time after that.

This strategy will not work if some robots spawn out of the audio’s range near your office.

Doing Your Tasks

I wrote this section considering you bought all three office upgrades.

Once your audio decoy is set, you are ready to start doing your tasks. It is optimal to do them in the following order:

  • Printer
  • Ordering
  • Miscellaneous

Printer tasks are the loudest so you want to them as soon as possible.

Ordering tasks are easier to reach when turning from a vent and you don’t have to pay attention too much and can listen more closely to the noises.

Miscellaneous tasks are pretty much an in between. Slightly hard to reach when paying attention to the vents, but they are quick to do. Even if an animatronic is in a vent, when you hear a task finish, go start the next one. If you lose, it means you would have died anyway.

What to Do in Case of Animatronics

The only way to know if an animatronic is after you is by listenning closely. Each animatronic has 2 different sounds. Sounds when entering the vents, ans sounds moving foward in the vent. When an animatronic is in a vent, look at that vent and switch between starting your next task and looking at that vent. If you feel like the animatronic isn’t leaving, shut off your fan and wait until you are sure he left/you reach around 118 of temperature before activating it again.

In some cases, there are no way for you to win because of bad spawns.

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