Garden Story – Memories: Unlocks and Benefits

List of Memories available, unlocking requirements, and benefit when active.


Memories! They grant Concord improved abilities to aid them in their journey of discovery through the Grove. Many will be unlocked organically as the plot progresses, while others you may need to deliberately pursue. This guide will list them all, so you can see which ones will be most useful to you and how to access them.

Generally, each Guardian’s set of memories becomes available when you find the memorial dedicated to them, at which point actions (such as defeating enemies) will begin to count towards unlocking that Guardian’s memories. The number of memories you can have active at once depends on your Mind stat. Active memories can be changed at your sleeping leaf, although you do not need to sleep to change them.

Whether farming resources or finishing that pesky boss, well chosen Memories will guide and bolster your efforts. Happy Remembering!


The First

  • Unlock: Discover Cane’s Memorial
  • Just Do It: +2 Resist, -1 Max Stamina

Autumn Audacity

  • Unlock: Hit multiple enemies in one hit 25 times.
  • Pulverizing Blows: Hold the hammer longer for larger areas of effect and slight damage increase.

Crop Keeper

  • Unlock: Harvest 5 crops while they’re still growing.
  • Hardy Gardener: +4 Resist, -2 Max HP

Tip The Scales

  • Unlock: End the Drought
  • Against All Odds: If the area’s enemies outnumber Concord three-to-one the Hammer does more damage.

Rot Breaker

  • Unlock: Move through 20 sewer floors.
  • Spelunker: Heal a little while moving through dungeons.

Take Back the Grove

  • Unlock: Plant 25 seeds.
  • Sempiternal Sprouting: 50% chance not to consume seeds upon planting.

Blossoming Botanist

  • Unlock: Log 8 different crops.
  • Green-Thumb: All crops drop extra money.

Thick-Skinned Toad

  • Unlock: Take 50 hits.
  • Shake It Off: Each Resist gives Concord a 5% chance to reduce an attack’s damage to 1.


Spring Guardian:

  • Unlock: Talk to Plum before they leave Spring Hamlet.
  • Fond Distance: +2 Max HP, +1 Stamina Recharge, -2 Luck

Debris Free

  • Unlock: Hit enemies with the Spade 20 times.
  • Easy Targets: Concord can redirect the Spade during charge and lunges forward on attack.

Community Caretaker

  • Unlock: 5 Favor Tastes completed.
  • Community Caretaker: +2 Stamina recharge, -1 Max Stamina

Tap Dew

  • Unlock: 50 Tap Dew used.
  • A Semi-Solid State: Tap Dew heals a lot more.


Guardian of Fortune

  • Unlock: Discover Hop’s Memorial.
  • Fate Over Force: +1 Hand speed, +3 Luck, -2 Max HP

Heavy Snagging

  • Unlock: Hit 50 Enemies with the Dowsing Rod.
  • Slaying Hooky: Control the knockback direction of the Dowsing Rod and do more damage.

Aqueous Affinity

  • Unlock: Use 10 Sea Dew.
  • Go With the Flow: Sea Dew hurts enemies and pushes them farther away.

Pole Procurement

  • Unlock: Grab 15 items on the ground with Dowsing Rod.
  • Combat Casting: Dowsing reticule will auto aim if there’s an enemy in front of you.

Sea Whisperer

  • Unlock: 25 resources Dowsed.
  • Sea Whisperer: Dowsing spots always give a little money.


Shrouded Guardian

  • Unlock: Discover Mandy’s Memorial.
  • Sunny Insight: +2 Max Stamina, +3 Stamina recharge, -2 Max HP


  • Unlock: Successfully activate the Silversword.
  • Mist-Borne Insight: The Silversword takes longer to charge, but creates a line of thorns.


  • Unlock: Mists traversed 20 times.
  • Shining Insight: -5 Max HP, +2 Hand Speed, +2 Run Speed, +2 Stamina Recharge

From The Source

  • Unlock: Use 5 Amber Dew to revive.
  • Golden Insight: Reviving from Amber Dew only requires a drop.

Of the World

  • Unlock: Talk to the Grove.
  • Perennial Perspective: Sometimes broken resources will drop things from other places.


The Gentle Guardian

  • Unlock: Discover Bailan’s Memorial.
  • A Different Path: +2 Luck, +1 Max HP, -2 Max Stamina

Greenling Growth

  • Unlock: Use 10 Leafy Dew.
  • Leaf Juice: Leafy Dew grants a random buff.

Symphonic Solace

  • Unlock: 50 notes played.
  • Medical Melody: Playing the 8 notes on the Flute will heal Concord a bit.


Teacher of the Grove

  • Unlock: Discover Allio’s Memorial.
  • Community Guidance: +2 Hand Speed, +1 Stamina Recharge, -1 Max Stamina

Crescent Strides

  • Unlock: Rid Autumn Town of 25 infested Acorns.
  • Waning Moon: Pull back farther on full charge to do damage twice.

Remnants of the City

  • Unlock: Explore what’s left of Autumn Town.
  • Intrepid Trader: Entering Shops and leaving gives a Speed Boost. Buying things heals you.

Crop Killer

  • Unlock: Gather 25 resources in Autumn Town.
  • Laborious Harvest: Resources are easier to break.


The Protectorate

  • Unlock: Discover Cayenne’s Memorial.
  • +3 Max HP, -1 Max Stamina

Guardian Guard

  • Unlock: Use a Protected buff against an attack 5 times.
  • Aegis Affinity: Activating a shield’s effect applies a damage buff to Concord.

A Bracing Beverage

  • Unlock: Use 10 Metallic Dew.
  • Steely Dew: Metallic Dew restores Concord’s stamina.


  • Unlock: Activate a shield’s effect 20 times.
  • Battle Tendency: Getting hurt has a 25% chance to grant Protection to Concord, if a shield is equipped.


The Iridescent

  • Unlock: Discover Blue’s Memorial.
  • +3 Run Speed, -1 Max Stamina

Taking Stride

  • Unlock: Hit enemies with a Triple Combo 25 times.
  • Tide’s Direction: Completing a Parasol Triple Combo does more damage in a wider area.

Summer-time Defender

  • Unlock: Defeat 10 Glomps in the Summer Bar.
  • I’ve Got Places to Be: Concord gains a tiny Speed buff when hitting enemies with the parasol.

Under the Sun

  • Unlock: Spend 10 days in the Summer Bar.
  • Solar Roller: Rolling deals some damage.

Beat the Heat

  • Unlock: Explore the entirety of the Summer Bar.
  • Cool Break: Resting under an umbrella will heal Concord and give a Speed buff once a day.

Breeze Rider

  • Unlock: Run for 10 minutes outside in the Summer Bar.
  • Jogging Memory: Running costs 25% less Stamina.


Personal Growth

  • Unlock: Take some time to self-reflect.
  • Journey’s Start: +1 Max HP, +1 Max Stamina, +1 Stamina Recharge

Picky Practice

  • Unlock: Hit training dummy 10 times with a Pick.
  • Quick-hand: The first Pick swipes twice when fully charged.

Concord’s Bravado

  • Unlock: Fight the Rot alone.
  • The Fight In Me: +2 Resistance, +2 Hand Speed, -2 Luck

A Downright Delicacy

  • Unlock: Drink Dew recreationally.
  • The Spice of Life: Using any Dew gives Concord a speed buff.

Helping You Help Me!

  • Unlock: Donate 15 basic resources.
  • Spring Winds: Fully charged Pick swipes create a wind slash.

The Grove’s Heart

  • Unlock: Take a break on a bench in Spring Hamlet.
  • Life Moves Slowly: Time does not pass in Spring Hamlet.

Green Gatherer

  • Unlock: 30 Resources gathered.
  • The Small Stuff: Basic resources have a 25% chance of being a higher tier.
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