ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – Sea Spider (Ocean Crossing) S-Rank Build and Tips

The Build

  • Arms: Gatling gun and pile bunker
  • Back: Songbirds x2
  • Head: Whatever has most attitude stability and system recovery
  • Core: Whatever has most attitude stability
  • Arms: Whatever has most firearm and melee specializations
  • Legs: Probably Tetrapod because 2nd phase needs you to hover around a little
  • Booster: Either BST-G2/P04 or FLUEGEL/21Z
  • FCS: Whatever has most Close-Medium Range
  • Generator: Whatever has most energy capacity
  • Core expansion: Assualt armor

Basically you don’t want to be easily staggered and have enough energy to dart around it with AB.

Useful Tips

Start the fight with AB -> kick -> assault armor -> pile bunker – that’s an easy stagger, for the rest of the battle you will stagger it with pile bunker + songbirds combo.

Only use gatling gun when its staggered and other weapons are on cooldown.

You also don’t want to AB directly into it because when spider initiates melee attack its whole body turns into giant hitbox. The exception would be when it winds up laser attack – if it’s standing still than dive under it and go for a stun while its laser completely misses you.

2nd phase is a short one if you don’t screw up!

When it flies up, you AB along. From my experience it always start 2nd phase with same exploding laser attack – when it does – stun it and unload everything you have, it should die either before it recovers, or short time after recovery without having a chance to retaliate.

As for the the start of the mission – just fly under to avoid PCA lasers altogether. Use gatling to get rid of the drones.


For a while i tried to kill it using stake and swapping to chainsaw when it’s staggered – chainsaw does ridiculous amount of damage, but if you’re even a bit sloppy – you’ll get hit, sometimes comboed to death even, because during chainsaw charge attack you stand completely still for a couple seconds even mid-air, while spider is immune to its grab.

I haven’t tried wheelchair missile spam, but i’ve seen Vaati do that and end with an A because missiles are hella expensive‚Ķ

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