Garry’s Mod – Easiest Method to Download Gmod Addons & Automatically Extract Them

The most effective and easiest way to download gmod addons now that is offline.

How To


You must download gmpublisher off of github to follow this guide you also require gmod, if that makes you uncomfortable please leave.

Scroll down on the github and click the downloads link, then download the file gmpublisher_2.9.0_win64.msi

Once you have downloaded the .msi , run it and follow the instructions if any.

Once in the program it should look like this, I have a few addons I have uploaded so if you have any they will show there

On the upper left hand corner click “downloads” and it will bring you to this page:

From here it is self explanatory, paste in the page url into the top bar and it will automatically download the addon you want. Once finished click open and it should bring you to the temp folder where the extracted addon is located.

And that’s it.

Created by Gus

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