Gigantic: Rampage Edition – Best Build for Tripp

Tripp Build Guide

  • LMB: Power Surge > Overload.
  • RMB: Marked for Death > Shattering Blades.
  • Q: Light Speed > Light on your feet (HK and KIG?)
  • E: Storm Surge > In A Flash.
  • Ult: Killer Instinct > Remorseless.
  • Talent / Passive: Cutting Edge (get Time to kill low as you can).

I prefer this build since I can start in stealth or not. Start with landing RMB to buff your LMB as well as apply a decent bleed and cracking armor.

Then I usualy LMB then to death. Since I spec into LMB and RMB lvls 1-4 I have basically my max stickiness to my targets.

I normally use Q and E (cleansing CC is big) to escape to ensure I never die. I havent played with Heel Kick and Kicking Into Gear enough yet to know if its the better Q option but I do use Light Speed A LOT for escaping. Worth trying out since remorseless gives me a “reset” sorta.

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