Go Morse Go! Arcade Edition – Full Outfits Guide

A complete guide to the outfits you can choose, + details about a few special ones!

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There are two outfits for any given letter you can telegraph in the dress-up bit; one you get by telegraphing the letter once, and one by telegraphing the same letter twice. The game refers to the first as “Away Team”, and to the second as “Home Team”, so I will be using that terminology in this guide.

Away Team outfits

Home Team outfits

Changing between Away Team and Home Team

By default, any letter you telegraph will give you the Away Team version of that outfit. To access the Home Team outfit, you need to telegraph the same letter twice in a row.

Note that once you’ve accessed the Home Team version of an outfit, any letter you telegraph after that will give you the Home Team version of the outfit. To get the Away Team version again, you’ll need to telegraph the same letter twice in a row again !!

The default outfit for every gamemode except Practice is Uniform (Headphones), or Away Team E. The default outfit for the Practice gamemode is, of course, Practice (Headphones), or Away Team T.

Special Outfits

Most of the outfits are a combination of one of 3 variants (Uniform, Rival, and Practice) with one of 6 accessories (Bow, Shades, Bookworm (regular glasses), Headphones, Sam’s BFF (side bows. Don’t ask me who Sam is), Headband), displayed as Variant (Accessory). The Home Team version of each of these is basically just a palette scramble of the Away Team version.

A few outfits have special, different looks (and names) for both versions! The letters for those are B, H, J, L, P, Q, X, Z.

Most of those have the default beep as the sound, namely both Beekeepers (B), Uniform (Horse)/(Unicorn) (H), both Exchange Students (L), Mascot and That Slow Crab (Q), Morse Playing Chicken and Maxx (X), and Mundroid and Fist (Z).

Pep Club Member and Max (J), and DJ Pom Cubed and Marching Band (P) have different sounds. Pep Club Member and Max have a sound I can only describe as some kind of yelling (it’s probably a reference or meme, but I don’t get it so ¯_(ツ)_/¯), and DJ Pom Cubed and Marching Band have an air horn sound. Note that Max (Home Team J) and Maxx (Home Team X) are different! Maxx actually has his paw on the telegraph and uses it like a good kitty, whereas Max just yells.

That’s the outfits of Go Morse Go! Arcade! They’re goofy and adorable and I love them.

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